Religion vs. Wind (Spoiler: Wind Always Wins)



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  1. Great, very clean and funny, I srnt it to my priest friend

  2. God vs. Religion

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob November 7, 2016

    Ya know he wuldnt have them problems if he didnt haffta wear them robes and things. Or a lot of rubber bands might help.

  4. Pope: “God, can’t you do something about this wind?”
    God: “No, because I’m imaginary. Now quit talking to yourself.”

    • God is telling this dude ‘You are nothing special and certainly not holy’ This was quite funny XD

  5. C’mon…I *DARE* you to make fun of islam, you cowards!

    • Muslim leaders don’t wear such robes, do they? Anyway. It’s the same god. Weird god. Doesn’t care that his children kill each other over different editions of a book. Bad parenting.

  6. The wind is God, and He is covering this false idiot up!

  7. That’s what you get for leading a cult.

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