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  1. Where’s Vista?

  2. Don’t forget it started:
    2 (which was a short term disaster)

  3. Best forgotten. Like the Star Wars Christmas Special.

  4. 3.11 and not forget Windows NT

  5. and 2.10 and 2.11 also known as windows 286 and windows 386.
    Windows 3.2.
    NT was released in different versions aswell. The first NT was NT 3.1 which was followed by NT 3.5, NT 3.51 and finally NT 4.0.
    All window versions since Windows 2000 has been using NT as release version number. Excluding ME.
    Windows 2000 – NT 5.0
    ME – 4.90
    XP – NT 5.1
    Vista – NT 6.0
    7 – NT 6.1
    8 – NT 6.2
    8.1 – NT 6.3
    10 – NT 10

  6. The nerd is strong with this one.

  7. The key difference:
    Star Wars: “Yay! Can’t wait for more!”
    Windows: “Why does this still exist?”

  8. @The Good German;
    NT was a minor rewrite of VAX for the pdp-11. Basically VAX with a new GUI. NT was light years better than the crap u$oft did before. They hired the chief computer scientist from Digital to write NT for them.

  9. When Lucus sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney all bets were off. At that point it was rewrite the script for LCD, Wipro replacement of employee’s and embracing the new emerging sodomite culture and less attention to their primary product.

  10. Where’s Windows ME? That was the final release in the ms-dos based original windows line. Windows 2000 (NT 5) was released for the business market, as a replacement for NT4. It was not until XP that the NT line replaced the dos based consumer windows line.

  11. just proves that the richest man in the world can’t count.

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