Why Is It So Hard To Stop Drinking

You may wonder why is it so hard to stop drinking. The answer is quite simple: when you tell yourself this, you are most likely already drunk. And who listens to drunks who talk to themselves? Only fools. There you go.

I told myself I should stop drinking. But I'm not about to listen to some drunk who talks to himself.

16 thoughts on “Why Is It So Hard To Stop Drinking”

  1. Trump once said, “I have to stop lying”, then immediately said, “Just as soon as Georgia
    gives Bach the votes that stole from me”.

  2. I don’t care for him either. But I don’t lie about him. That would just make ME a liar like him. Do better.

  3. I don’t care for him either. But keep your tribal nonsense off these threads. It’s bad enough this site keeps getting brigaded by deplorables.

  4. That’s hilarious

  5. If it wasn’t for alcohol the fat, ugly , and deplorable would never get laid. I’ll go
    so far as to imply that you would never have been born.

  6. You don’t think like i do so stop brigading the site with your posts. No one that doesn’t agree with me can post on this site. For I am the God of eatliver and I command it. Go bow to King Charles subject. Haha.

  7. STOP trying to be a humorist, when the doctor dropped you on your head
    at birth the fall flattened your funny button.

  8. Stop trying to point out how ridiculous my views are!

  9. Congratulations George Floyd, 3 years sober this month!

  10. I have evidence that will indict Hillary Clinton.

  11. I have evidence that will clear the four Minneapolis cops.

  12. The shape of the world today is exactly what the elites want it to be.

  13. Wow, that guy isn’t humorous at all. He’s as funny as a tumor.

  14. Trump still not president again because he’s a lying sh*t. Lock him up.

  15. For what? Running against Bribery Joe and his crime family.

  16. It’s on tape. Trump planned to sell top secret documents to Iran.

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