Why I Drink

11 thoughts on “Why I Drink”

  1. If you didn’t drink you would have the mental capacity to achieve everything you want in your career. Alcohol makes you dim witted.

  2. Otherwise known as career destruction night.

  3. So… you started drinking pretty much from your birthday?

  4. You know, after the DEATH mark all those lines will drop to zero anyway, so why bother?

  5. If you avoid start drinking since you’re newborn, you’ll have more chances to have a successful career.

  6. “Dim-witted” has a hyphen. Put down the booze.

  7. I too drunk from birth when i relised my career path wasnt looking good by my age of 3months.

  8. Didn’t we all?

  9. You didn’t drink milk when you were a baby?

  10. I think there are many people (especially artists) whose prestige tends to rise dramatically after death.

  11. Yes because even when I was a newborn I would down 2 bottles of wine along with my mommie’s milk

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