Why Do People Like Feet? It’s So Confusing…

The fascination with feet is quite an interesting phenomenon and it goes way back. According to our scientists, it all started back in the Stone Age when our ancestors were busy inventing the wheel, discovering fire, and trying to figure out why their feet smelled so horribly. One caveman named Grug, with an exceptionally large and peculiarly attractive foot, accidentally stumbled upon a group of cave-people who were simply smitten by his divine extremity. From that moment on, the foot frenzy began. Foot-themed parties, foot wrestling tournaments, and some people even took it to the extreme by attempting to build foot-shaped pyramids, but that turned out to be a bit of a balancing act. There you go, we hope this helps.

Why do people like feet? Not kink shaming, just wondering what about feet makes them so attractive to some people? That must be something from the US. Here in Europe we're more into metres.

69 thoughts on “Why Do People Like Feet? It’s So Confusing…”

  1. We don’t particularly love feet, we just refuse to submit to a foreign ruler… 📏😜

  2. good one.
    does not explain gallons and acres.

    FWIW, officially the US of A is metric.

  3. This is the land of the free. Government can’t enforce an “official” system.
    My car burns 3 bald eagles of gas per patriotic amount of roads and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  4. Feet and the rest are imperial units. Measured on aristocratic people who married their cousins. They are not American units but British units. Therefore their are ACTUALLY FOREIGN units… ouch.

  5. You’re wrong there, mate. The first US-Americans were Brits.

  6. Bragging about your 6 inches sounds even better in centimetres.

  7. How are you basement trolls gonna survive now because of cuts to Biden’s socialist
    budget. Guess your parents will have to dig a little deeper to keep you in energy drinks,
    and french fries.

  8. The first Americans were living there many centuries before the Brits arrived

  9. They were not US Americans. USA was founded in 1776 by Brit descendants.

  10. And if your woke infested mind wants to give ownership for who was first in the Americas, the natives that fought against Brits for the land were not the first either. They fought and killed their predecessor, which in turn were not the first either.
    Native Americans used to kill other tribes on sight in a never-ending war for expansion.

  11. Were Brits. Now foreign.

  12. Brit descendants… convicts and puritan nutjobs.

  13. Those “nutjobs” created one of the most beautiful documents: the declaration of independence of the USA that says:
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

    That laid the foundation to the bill of rights, which among other things makes the constitution of the usa the only one that forbids government to legislate over speech (what we call free speech)

  14. It may say that all men are created equal but many Americans don’t believe that and think that they’re superior to someone of a different race, gender, sexual orientation and so on.
    Free speech is a good thing in general, but the USA seems to lack any real restrictions on slander or libel. Many American politicians think it’s ok to accuse someone of a crime without evidence and by doing so put that person’s life at risk from gullible followers of said politicians.

  15. If you think you can say what you want in the USA, just try saying that you’re an atheist in the deep south. At best you’d be ostracised or spat on. At worst you could loose your job or suffer extreme physical violence.

  16. You will not be beaten (quit exaggerating) and you can’t be fired for personal beliefs as it’sagainst the civil rights (quit lying). But free speech is both ways. If they don’t want to talk to your, it’s their right.

  17. USA has libel laws and the example you showed applies only the otherway around: a private citizen can openly critize a public citizen, including giving opinion on the public figure (that includes politicians) that they’re criminals.

  18. I know someone who was fired from her job in an American University after admitting she was an atheist. I also know someone who was beaten up because some “Christian” fanatics equated atheism with satanism. It appears that you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. Wake up and smell reality.

  19. No, you don’t know anybody with those 😀
    The civil rights forbids to job discriminate against personal beliefs. If that person was fired from a university due to personal beliefs, the person will be very rich after a civil law suit and will be retired for life.

    But I can make up things too if necessary.

  20. Let me quote the civil rights act:

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals based on their religion in any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment. The law also prohibits workplace or job segregation based on religion, including religious garb and grooming practices. Religious discrimination can also involve treating someone differently because that person is married to or associated with an individual of a particular religion. The EEOC has determined that religion typically concerns “ultimate ideas” about “life, purpose, and death.” Employers cannot make hiring decisions based on an applicant’s color, race, religion, sex, or national origin.

  21. She wasn’t fired for being an atheist but she was fired two weeks after her atheism was revealed. She was one of the top rated staff but the university received complaints that the students were being taught by someone they considered had no morals. It was made clear by her colleagues that her atheism was the reason. However it was never put in writing and she couldn’t prove it.

  22. Canadians living under Trudeau arguing about America. 😂🤣

  23. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? 😀

  24. Atheists can be fired too. Civil act doesn’t protect anyone from getting fired due to job related circumstances.
    E.g. if she was attacking religions, that’s not her personal beliefs and a religious university can fire her due to incompatible morals. OTOH if she says she doesn’t believe in any religion, she is protected.
    Similar to that, a religious person may be fired if pushing his/her religion to workmates too. But a religious person cannot be fired for practicing his/her religion at work.

    If you say she can’t prove, odds are she wasn’t, giving justice tend to rule in favor of employees.

  25. Hey babe, wanna check out my 15.24 centimetre long throbbing muscle.

  26. I’m not Canadian. But I’d rather be Canadian than a US American. Canadians have more freedom and security. In the US everything is fake.

  27. The U.S. will be broke soon. Republicans must really hate America. They rather burn it down than help govern it.

  28. American law is an entertainment show for the peasants. The 1% hold the strings. If they want you gone, you are gone.

  29. The USA is the only country that thinks it is the only country that has freedom of speech in the constitution.

  30. American free speech is a joke. People just slander and blabber lies. Free speech must come with responsibility. And nothing fear Americans more than being responsible. Free speech in the USA is a weapon to destroy people.

  31. AtHeism is no religion. Because of tHat atHeists get no protection in the U.S. from law or autHorities.
    Just like in Iran. THe U.S. are a CHristian Iran.
    Admitting you are an atHeist in the U.S. can cost you your family, your job and your life.

  32. “Morals”. Usually atheists are more ethical than religious people. The atheists has to answer to his conscience. The theist will always find excuses and loopholes to justify his wrongs and absolve himself. Even from murder or genocide.

  33. Loooooooool @ atheism = ethical. Atheism leaves to “male” pregnancy and kids groomed to mutilate themselves.

  34. Saying, hey babe, is being sexist. Plenty of fellows have been offended.

  35. The grand experiment of allowing all races, and religions into America should never
    have occurred. Unfortunately we now have to try and survive in a dysfunctional country
    ready to implode.
    Canadians don’t you dare comment, your country has fallen into this trap as well.

  36. And then he said: “Canadians have more freedom and security” 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  37. Are you in the “party of personal responsibility”?

    Great! You can say whatever you want, just take responsibility. The government wont prosecute you. If you say something that pleases or offends someone, they are free to respond in any way they want. Simple. Easy. Free.

    If you say something offensive, someone might respond with something offensive. That doesn’t make you a victim. If you say something offensive on twitter, people might complain and your popularity could go down. Everybody’s free. No problem.

  38. Atheism does not lead to male pregnancy.

    Sheesh. We really need better sex ed in this country.

  39. America is a melting pot and that’s part of why it’s great.

    Want a country ruled by religion? Move to Iran.

  40. LOL. Religion = Moral?

    Grooming? That’s easy to find. It’s all the priests, not teachers!

  41. Nothing leads tk male pregnancy. Atheism leads to people believing kn male pregnancy 😀

  42. In God we trust.
    Slavery is freedom.
    Guns are love.
    Death is patriotism.

  43. Canadian freedom under Trudeau. Hahaha… stop… you’re killing 🤣😂.

  44. That nonsense actually. And it doesn’t make sense either. You are dumb.

  45. Call 911 if he threatens you with his AR-15. Most Americans are murderous neurotics. Weak genes.

  46. Canada rank 6 on the human freedom index. The USA a rediculous 15. Doesn’t look good for you, pal.

  47. Well in America you can’t go to jail for a Facebook post. Nor can the Government freeze your bank account for political reasons. Spare us your propaganda loser. Focus on your own countries dysfunctional corrupt dictator.

  48. No, in America you go to jail for the color of your skin or because the judge was bribed by the privatized prison to send in more inmates. You know, more inmates equals more shareholder value.
    I’m no Canadian and I live in a real democracy where people go to prison for real crimes they commited. Also our prisons aren’t US concentration camps where inmates are eaten alive by bedbugs.

  49. Funny picture though.

  50. He’s not dumb, just ignorant.

  51. Enough ladies and gentleman, no more political talk!
    To settle this I will volunteer to shag the two females, and let them decide
    If my foot long or approximately a third of a metre is better discussed in
    imperial or metric measurement.

  52. I get the microscope. Or will take ours to find your p*nis again… Like last time.

  53. Oh, did he mistake a decimal place again? Sad.

  54. Which is actually true. By that you reduce your female counterpart to the intellectual range and status of an infant. Instead of treating her as an equal.
    And that’s sexist. And quite weak. Little PP energy.

  55. True. The US constitution is overrated. Ancient. The whole country is paralized by an outdated document and not fit for the 21st century.
    Constitutions of modern democracies are mostly better, more freedom, more security, better civil rights.

  56. That’s not freedom. That’s just people calling each other names.

  57. It isn’t about skin color. It’s about the fact that 6% of a certain skin color is responsible for over 60% of ALL violent crime in the US. Check the FBI’s own statistics. Bet it’s the same every where. You’re just not allowed to talk about it because that would be racist. Haha. Clown world.

  58. Make black people poor and uneducated. Enjoy their crime rates going up. Blame black people for being violent and criminal. Make their lives more miserable for that.
    It’s so transparent. Only idiots fall for your tricks. And if you really believe what you posted you are an idiot too. It’s not an insult, just an observation.

  59. How will that ever change if you keep them poor and excluded?

  60. It won’t. That’s what racist conservatives are hoping for. A scape goat and boogey man for free.

  61. Right. It’s white peoples fault that they rape, murder, rob and assault people. But never Their fault. Their culture has evolved into a violent unfixable mess. People aren’t racist. Their just tired of it.

  62. It actually is. White people are racist and tired of the shit they created.
    There, I fixed it for you. We white people have to stick together and help each other out, right?

  63. Being white does not make you a racist no matter how hard you push that BS. Black crime is a black problem and they need to fix it. People of all colors, like the Asians getting curb stomped by blacks, are sick and tired of it. So are blacks who suffer the worst from black crime. An unfixable violent mess, as I said.

  64. Being white does not make you a racist, just like being black does not make you a criminal. Other countries have learned that poor austrized communities need help do leave a viscious circle.

  65. 60% of ALL violent crimes are committed by blacks in the US. If you take out black crime and suicides by guns the US would be one of the safest countries on earth.

  66. Still more violent than most of Europe (including their violent minorities).

  67. The US has state’s larger then your entire country so yes, probably. All so we own guns. Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of guns. And we shoot criminals. Often.

  68. Far more violent in number of victims per 100,000 inhabitants than most of the first world. Shot criminals are but a tiny fraction of all shot persons.

  69. True. It’s a tough country to live in. And we love it that way. Life is supposed to be hard. Builds character and personal responsibility. Plus it’s our country not yours. Whine about something else.

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