Which Doctor: The Greatest Dadjoke Ever Or What?

You know you love this which doctor dadjoke. Don’t try to deny it. It’s no just great, it’s the best ever. Your week was going to shit, but this joke turned it around, and now you’re happy and in amazing mood. You’re welcome! Please come back tomorrow for more.

You know you love this which doctor dadjoke. Don't try to deny it.

13 thoughts on “Which Doctor: The Greatest Dadjoke Ever Or What?”

  1. Approved….

  2. This is an outrage to tribal, indigenous, brown and caribbean peoples. Health equity demands respect and cross populations application of our mother gala wican health principles. Land Lord is guilty of Diversity Inclusion Equity violation of principle and I demand an apology.

  3. We have witches in Europe, too.
    And I hear one just cursed you.

    P.S.: This is a re-run, likely to make a statement all Dad Jokes are repeats.

  4. Drop dead kani! No more apologies from this generation for bad decisions from
    our grandparents years.

  5. Crucio!

  6. You’ll get over it sweetie.

  7. I propose a new slogan – “Eatliver – a site where ANY joke can turn to a schittshow of comments!”

    And them “dad jokes” – a capability to play and understand plays with words and their pronounciations is considered a mark of intellect. Just saying.

  8. Yeah. This site used to be decent until the extremists started brigading the comments.

  9. We had everything so nice in the 90ss and 00s. We were on a good way. Until the fascist conservative scum began to crawl out of their dirty holes again. Now the world is f…ed up by Putin, Trump, Xi and other distorted characters.

  10. You forgot Clinton who would “dip” his cigar to keep the end moist.

  11. Maybe he has hexually transmitted disease…🧹

  12. What does that have to do with anything? Trump is a criminal and traitor to his country. Clinton just couldn’t keep his trousers up. All he betrayed was his wife.

  13. “what does that have to do with anything”

    That’s a pretty good response for every one of his B.S posts.

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