Can You Guess What’s For Dinner Tonight?


Being a sarcastic a-hole is the ultimate parenting approach – it’s like a superpower that allows you to simultaneously entertain yourself and educate your children. Please keep visiting this site for more parenting tips and tricks!

What are you making for dinner? Why, sweetie, I'm making whatever the hell I want served with a side of eat it or starve.


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  1. Living the dream February 26, 2023

    After a hard day laying on the couch watching soap operas, and game shows it is quite
    aggravating having a kid ash stupid questions. You tell them then they whine and
    complain they hate broccoli, they hate cabbage, they hate food without ketchup etc,
    etc, etc.

  2. This is why kids go looking for candy from creepy people in cargo vans.

  3. Yes. It’s best to let your fat little porker kids dictate how you should feed them!
    Don’t worry about them being the victim of a harpoon when they ‘re at the beach!
    The plus side is, at least you’ll be able to put flowers on their graves because you’ll out-live them. You can probably get bouquets made up with sticks poking up in a vase with fried chicken fingers and French fries on them! They’ll like that!
    The “woke” solution is to let them do what they want and never—ever “fat shame” them. That way they can eat nothing but Twinkies and potato chips all day, say they are vegetarians, and think they are saving the world!
    If you suggest that maybe they should lose a little weight or get more exercise, you’re a fat-shaming bigot so you should just slit your wrists and die.
    The real answer has been around for many years. It’s that you make a decent meal, and they must at least try some of everything or they get no dessert. When they’re done eating you send them outside to burn off energy and play instead of staring at their phones like they are witnessing rapture.
    Of course, if you live in a city run by democrats, sending them outside to do anything safely is out of the question. So, keep stuffing those little porkers and tell them that they should be proud to be piglets!
    While they’re inside vegetating, they can even sit on their lard-asses and stare at their phone and decide what sex they want to be 6 or 8 years before their hormones even kick in!

    • Pannicular folds February 27, 2023

      Wow! Great rant. Robust and engaging. What were you bitching about again?

    • That was a really long screed to show that you don’t even know what “woke” means. But it might have been better if you had put “cancel culture” and CRT in there for the trifecta of Tucker’s buzz words.

    • Comrade Wistleblower February 27, 2023

      Tucker is on Puten’s payroll.

    • Tucker is on Puten’s payroll.

    • Is that NPC thing a new sorry attempt to gag people telling the truth? LOL Rightards are really retarded. Get out your basement away from your X-Box, incel.
      Oh, look I’m an NPC. I have no own opinion. I’ve been programmed by the conservative deep state. LOL

    • Poor rightard. Your world is breaking apart.

  4. The real question is why is she wearing a wig while cooking?

  5. Nah, she don't cook. February 27, 2023

    Is that Michelle with a gas stove?

  6. Nothing Is Free February 28, 2023

    Justin Trudeau and 10 of his MP’s have been proven to have used China to win the last TWO elections. Justin Trudeau has committed treason multiple times and Liberal Voters are OK with that. Liberals HATE Democracy & Freedom.

    • It’s Canada, the used to be a great country. What do you expect. They re-elected him knowing he was dirty. They got the Government they deserve.

    • So why is it conservatives are doing everything destroying democracy and freedom. You make no sense. In all what you say, the opposite is the truth. Just like Russian propaganda. I guess it’s not a coincidence, right, Comrade?

  7. So once again the “Conspiracy Theorists” were correct about the Covid origins. China. Just like Trump said three years ago. Conspiracy Theorists 6/ Main Stream knuckle heads 0. Just wait for the full truth to come out on the mandatory jabs. Hope it doesn’t take three years. Jabbys might not have the time. Thanks again Justine! Murdering Fu@*.

    • US intelligence already knew in November 2019 that an infectious virus was going round in China. Get your facts right for a change.

    • Read the news again. ONE ministry thinks it was a lab accident. The other doesn’t. We are still where we started. No one knows.

    • Read the news again. ONE ministry thinks it was a lab accident. The other doesn’t. We are still where we started. No one knows.

    • Rupert Murdoch just admitted his media lied. He lied for Trump. His media lied and still lie for Trump and the GOP. He leaked information about DEM strategies to Trump’s team.
      All you know is a lie. You’ve been fed by the real, conservative deep state fat lies for years. You’ve become obese on hollow hate. You have become a tool for democracy haters and fascists.

  8. Mini shaniqua is not amused

  9. No one with a brain trusts anything reported on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, etc.. Did you learn nothing during Covid? Have you even read the Twitter files? Go back to sleep a make another jab appointment. And F Ukraine.

    • The NPC thinks among the whole MSM, only Fox spreads propaganda.

    • FOX is truth.

    • Ret@rds still think right wing people believe fox

    • Truth Social is truth.

    • Breitbart is truth.

    • Prawda is truth.

    • Is fox too close to the truth for your liking?

    • Everything CNN says is truthful

    • Anonymous March 1, 2023

      So what Don Lemon said about women is true then…? CNN isn’t news. There are no news networks left. Only sock puppet narrative readers. Speaking of Socks, how’s that euthanizing kids without parental consent going. The US is saturated with this story now. Not a good look for Canadians but, nothing Socks has done has been.

    • They forced Murdoch to lie about his media lying. It’s a conspiracy.

    • Anonymous March 1, 2023

      The US is mostly saturated with alt-right BS right now.

    • Anonymous March 1, 2023

      Well most media in the US is Left leaning and even those baby killers are outraged by this. You have to admit it’s pretty messed up.

    • Anonymous March 2, 2023

      Maybe the media just mirrors the majority of voters. Without gerrymandering and other tricks the minority party “Republicans” couldn’t win so many elections. By voter numbers the Republican party loses in most states. And totally in presidential elections. So, yes, the elections are rigged. For the GOP, always.

    • Anonymous March 3, 2023

      But what about killing the children? Somehow you don’t mention the justification for that. Now Trudeau is making cocaine in BC to give away. Drug dealer, child killer makes no difference to Canadians. Vaxxed brains I guess.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2023

      Did you get that from some of Murdoch’s media? Hint: Don’t trust them.

  10. Anonymous March 4, 2023

    Canadian media. Do you pay attention to your own country or are you just obsessed with American news like most on this site

  11. “just look in the pot” 🤓

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