What Makes Us Human? We Finally Have an Answer!

The question “What makes us human?” may seem a really deep and complicated, but the answer is actually quite simple. Selecting all images with traffic lights makes us human.

Buddha, what makes us human? Selecting all images with traffic lights.

21 thoughts on “What Makes Us Human? We Finally Have an Answer!”

  1. Bwahahaha! 🚥🤣

  2. We weren’t human before the advent of traffic lights!

  3. Some still are not. Like the Cro-maga crowd.

  4. Whats Cro-maga..? Is it a qanon thing? Not everyone lives in your fish bowl so definitions would help greatly.

  5. There’s nothing like robots asking us to prove we’re not robots!

  6. There’s nothing like dumb ass trolls shoehorning politics into this comment section. Useless apes.

  7. As the veil of life thins to the nether-verse the old folk can see the dead, such as long deceased politicians. We must head their advice as they have clairvoyance to their hopeful future. I call on Cici of Mexico to open the borders to Gaza to let the Palestinians in.

  8. I like traffic lights, I like traffic lightsI like traffic lights, I like traffic lightsI like traffic lights, I like traffi,,c lightsI like traffic lights, I like tr;affic lightsI like traffic lights, …

    but not when they are red.

  9. Didn’t know Mexico has a border to Gaza. But, well. That must be the quality of American education…

  10. It’s over. You would have to be as brain dead as Biden is to vote for him. Biden and the people who support him are ridiculous. He’s not running. Just a place holder for Michelle Obama or the man who destroyed California so they won’t have to campaign. They pulled the same shi# in 1968. They could careless about free and far elections. They just want power. Democrats are scum. Watch and see.

  11. Yet the economy does better under a “brain dead” president than under a “stable genius businessman.”

  12. 🤪

  13. Who is Cici? If you want to pretend your brain is better than Joe’s, you shouldn’t make mistakes like that.

  14. Oh look EUro is back to get schooled again!

  15. Schooled in what and by whom? Idiocy? You?

  16. Still think earths geographical poles are gonna end up on your front porch? Ya, I remember how “smart” and “superior” you are! You’re adorable, in the “retard eating an ice cream cone” sort of way!

  17. The suns poles are shifting now. Dangerous time for us for sure.

  18. Keep telling that to yourself. *lol* The more you underestimate other people the more you will fail in life.

  19. Your hypocrisy is astounding! You make attempts to insult others educations, then proceed to tell them not to underestimate people!

  20. It’s not an insult if it is the truth. Sorry for your hurt.

  21. Wait.. so you’re saying the suns poles ARE not shifting? It happens fairly often and it’s happening now. Better hit those books harder Sparky.

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