When Recruiters Ask “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”

What they actually are saying: “We want to know precisely how to exploit you.” That’s all they care about. They are not just making small talk or trying to know you better as a person.

And what would you say is your greatest weakness? So we know precisely how to exploit you.

23 thoughts on “When Recruiters Ask “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?””

  1. I win, deal with it.

  2. Facebook?

  3. Voting Republican every election.

  4. That’s not a weakness, that’s a flaw.

  5. If Trump had won we wouldn’t be in Ukraine. But since the Left loves war and hates Israel we’re on our way to WWIII. They of course won’t fight in the wars they started. That would be mad. Now that the Jews have learned the Left hates them, donations to Rightwing candidates have sky rocked. Support for Trump has gone up as well. Jews pretty much run the US, the media, banks etc.. do you really think they will allow a jew hating Left to survive in power? The Left eats it’s self, again. Thank God for that.

  6. Adolf, you crazy bastard, I thought you were dead.

  7. You remember Adolf was a Leftwing socialist right? Why are the Leftist anti semites so dumb…. Sad.

  8. No, he wasn’t. He was ultra-right. A fascist. The socialist part was just marketingto get votes from the workers.
    That’s why the Republicans wanted to ally with Nazi Germany.
    History 101. You are welcome.

  9. Neither the Democrats nor the republicans wished to ally with Nazi Germany! Perhaps individuals in either party had anti semitic values but that does not reflect the parties as a whole. The republicans and Democrats of this time were for the most part allies during the war. Please refrain from using fallacies to support your arguments.

  10. Also Nazi Germany was VERY socialist! But that doesn’t mean socialism is bad. That’s like saying clothes are bad because Hitler wore them. For instance there were programs to help people raise children…..as long as they were the right race! Socialism is a political tool and just like a hammer which can be used as a weapon or a tool for construction, socialism can be used for good or bad! How you use the isms, matters!

  11. No, Nazi Germany was fascistic. The GDR was socialistic. Don’t try to rely on your flawed American education. You’ll always fail.

  12. Okay Maoist. Leftist will support even Hitler’s Germany. 🤣😂. Go away now anti semites. Hamas needs useful idiots for their re-elect Biden campaign.

  13. Socialism and fascism are generally considered opposing view points yes but that doesn’t exclude the use of both isms in a government! Nazi Germany employed what can be described as socialism so long as you belonged to the right race and nationality. The nazis took money from the people and distributed it amongst it’s people, that is the core of socialism however where it turns grey is when the socialism only benefits Aryans, or white people in general. It seems contradictory but nothing here is black and white, especially when you take into consideration the time! What was socialism then may not be socialism now, what was a republican during Abraham Lincoln’s time certainly isnt viewed as a republican now!

  14. Fail. Such topics aren’t teached in philosophy. In Germany there is an extra school subject called politics.

  15. Politics was built on our philosophies! Ethics and logic are the foundation of political discussion.

  16. The Jews created Communism, Socialism Marxism etc.. and have been metaling in other countries affairs for 100’s of years. They and their organizations are mostly responsible for the immigration crisis in Europe. They have been kicked out of 109 countries so far. This could explain the blow back Israel is now getting. Perhaps people are now seeing the undo influence they have on their countries and are angry about it. Either way, Muslims and Jews are slaughtering each other, again. It will always be this way. Always has been this way. Best just to ignore them and go on with your own life. The people who call other people infidel and goy just don’t deserve to ask for them for help. The world has moved on.

  17. You forgot to mention the plague and poisoned wells. 🫣
    I’d agree with the last part but it’s not that easy. Those wildfires use to spread. Every f…ing time. 🔥

  18. Not if Governments and citizens refuse money, weapons and support for either side. When I was a boy Nazis paraded through the jewish section of our town because that was their right. People just went inside and they had no media coverage at all. We just ignored them and went about our own business. When other cities did the same, especially the no media coverage, they just went away. The whole movement turned into skin head criminals. Powerless. We should do the same. Let them sort it, and when they play nicely with others we’ll welcome them back to the the civilized world. It’s the only way.

  19. That’s what I always said. But there are two reasons for the sensational media coverage of private TV these days. Money from viewers=advertizing. And political figures hoping to benefit from the atmosphere of fear.

  20. Yup. They are ramping it all up again just like before. Mean while Israel is rubblizing Gaza so they can build the new canal to the Mediterranean right thru it. Just watch and see. Its all just BS now 24/7 on the News.

  21. Why not. Two canals is better than one. Would reduce transport costs and no one needs muslims.

  22. No one needs Jews either but it’s a pretty crappy thing to kill all those children to save shipping costs. Just saying.

  23. So the UK and many other countries are passing laws to arrest anyone speaking negatively about Jews. There’s already laws about speaking negatively about Muslims, Transgenders, Roma’s/gipsies, illegal immigrants. etc.. but no laws for anti Christian speech. Hmm 🤔

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