What Is The Perfect Date For Valentine’s Day?

Can you imagine the chaos if Valentine’s Day fell on January 3rd? It’d be like waking up to Christmas carols in June! People would be scrambling for heart-shaped chocolates right after they’ve just recovered from their New Year’s hangover. It would make no sense. February 14th is just fine.

What is the perfect date for Valentine's Day? February 14th is just fine.

15 thoughts on “What Is The Perfect Date For Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Let’s make it February 30th! Save us some damn money!

  2. You guys saved my life. I wasn’t paying attention it is tomorrow 😁

  3. Change it to winter Halloween instead.

  4. For years I used to create a fight so the girl friend would tell me,
    “we’re through”. I have saved thousands of dollars over the years.

  5. April 1st would be more appropriate…

  6. What if we just consolidated all holidays in to 2 work weeks and everyone just gets an extra vacay!?

  7. Shit i forgot, America doesnt have the mandatory payed vacation thing, so your business’ would just remove any vacation pay they gave you out of policy and replace it with the above vacation instead, thus screwing you guys! America, you guys gotta demand mandatory vacation pay! Most of the developed world does a minimum of 2 weeks ( 4 weeks in most members of the EU)! Now that i think about it, no wonder you guys are always so ornery, you just need some time off.

    I will fight for your time off America!

  8. Amerika needs to close it’s bases in Europe and central Asia. leave NATO and save some money and angst. Maybe check back in a hundred years see how things are going.

  9. Spoken as a true Putinite.

  10. Right, make America small again! Because that’s what you will be. Some hillbillies behind a wall with nukes.
    So, basicly Russians with an accent.

  11. Americans have to work with no vacay or health insurance so they can pay for EVERYTHING like defenseof the world and Canada’s dues to NATO etc.. Parasites.

  12. Is that what they are telling you? 😆 And you believe it? 😂 And you write that BS as a comment full of fervour on the internet? 🤣 You are even dumber than the 1% could hope for. 🤦‍♂️

  13. Let’s just censor any comment that shows this sites lies and bias.

  14. Above comment censored in 1.. 2..

  15. NATO dues are 2% of GDP and the payments are available to the public. Canadians haven’t paid full dues in over 29 years. Why? Because like many countries they are parasites on the US tax payer. FACT.

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