What Is The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between democrats and republicans? There is none. And by the way… you are screwed.

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between democrats and republicans? There is none. And by the way... you are screwed.

11 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans?”

  1. Sadly, this is the truth for the most part.

  2. Dumb and dumber

  3. How true, Democrat or Republican, are made up of self serving
    scum bags.
    Wanna get rich, get into politics.

  4. With the Democrats a working person has a chance of at least being listened to. With a Republican only the well-heeled get a bit of attention. Democrats support health care for all, women’s rights to their own bodies, giving the disadvantaged a leg up and unions that represent workers. The Republicans are no regulations on big business, tax cuts for the rich and the banks are king.

  5. 2-party dictatorship

  6. The whole world is not America.

  7. In Germany we have a lot of parties shooting the working class.

  8. Some here favor the Republicans because they think as soon as they hit the lottery they will be included in the Rich Guys Club. Keep scratching and Easy Picking and you will make it.

  9. By picking and scratching you mean lottery tickets, not their noses and seats, right?

  10. On point. But continue infighting over the bones they throw to you while they steal your future.

  11. @ivan the deplorable

    Lay off the koolaid dude. Those are all just democrat lies. There is only one party in the US- the war party. Bought and paid for by special interests and the MIC.

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