What Happens When You Die?

Dad... What happens when you die? You go to heaven. No, I mean when you die, do I get your stuff?

12 thoughts on “What Happens When You Die?”

  1. Bad news, Millennials, you’re never getting our stuff. We banged your moms and get off our lawns.

  2. Besides, who wants a skateboard and vape juice?

  3. Ok incel

  4. So you want HIV, lead in your drinking water, and Uncle Joe near the nuclear football? No? Well, I’m leaving it to you anyway.

  5. Ok Groomer.

  6. I know it’s a text over iphoto but even so, if one had a-priory knowledge something like that would come out of it’s mother’s bottom one would have take a cold shower 9 and 8 or so years before.

  7. Too many spoiled a-holes expect someone to support them unconditionally
    for their entire life.
    If they still have this attitude by the time they’re 21 boot their arses to the kerb.

  8. “Out of its Mom’s bottom..” This is your average EatLiver reader.

  9. Don’t worry, Uncle Joe Stalin died in 1953.

  10. Yes you do, but you’ll have to sell it all to pay the inheritance taxes. 💸💸💸

  11. “You go to heaven”, and the brainwashing starts.

  12. There is no god, there is no heaven. Just worms.

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