The Only Right Answer To This Question

What do you make at your current job? Mostly mistakes and sarcastic comments.

17 thoughts on “The Only Right Answer To This Question”

  1. The ability to critize oneself is rare. Especialy among conservatives. She got the job, liberal or not.

  2. It’s just a funny picture. Can you Amerisharts please leave your “politics” at the door?

  3. @Anon#1
    She talks because she is talking because she is required to talk because it’s an interview and when interviewed you talk, it’s the nature of interviews. She reminds me of me, when I talk. I like donuts.

  4. Not really. In DOD work, you would not apologize, criticize yourself, or appear weak. Nor would you expect this of your COTR or your commanding officer. You do however have the prerogative to change course in light an evolving situation.

  5. Now it’s out in the public. GOP planning their next evil. Mandatory abortions for black and brown people who already have one child. GOP is going full China.

  6. No wonder Trump invested in China. Probably got some advise from Xi.

  7. Dude, look up Margret Sanger.

  8. Trump doesn’t like Chiiiiina. He likes NORKland. If he could get Rocket Man’s government to change and be more accommodating he would be on the ground floor of some stellar beach front property. He also said the same of the Dane held Greenland.

  9. Lex Luther is now a moral super hero in the light of today’s current corrupt leadersh1t.

  10. If the GOP can’t win 2024 by rigging, they’ll try by force.

  11. National socialism had nothing to do with socialism. That was just false labeling to get votes from the working class.
    Same as Republicans in America have no interest in any republic. At the moment they are trying to establish a monarchy in America.

  12. Good. There won’t be any need for elections after 2024.

  13. I’m no fan of the GQP, but seriously, what the f**** does any of this have to do with the picture?

  14. Woke.

  15. All I heard from the legal community is that the GOP and their extremist court will cut voting rights for women. Back to pre-1920. The plans are in the drawer. Probably the first step. Women are usually too liberal. Interestingly the female pro-trump reps are all into this. WTH?

  16. This whole website is an abortion.

  17. As a concerned employer, I make a point of finding out
    my employees political affiliation.
    The liberals amongst them usually get the boot ASAP.

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