Cheer Up, Honey! It Could Be Worse. Remember Steve?

Your life may be hard and full with challenges, but at least you are not stuck in an underground hole full of water. Like Steve. He always gets in trouble. Classic Steve.

Cheer up, honey. It could be worse. Remember Steve? He got stuck underground in a hole full of water. I know you mean well.

12 thoughts on “Cheer Up, Honey! It Could Be Worse. Remember Steve?”

  1. Groan.

  2. Black Steve is the best Steve

  3. Too many’s meme’s showing ultra sensitive males. Makes me what to
    cough up a fur ball.

  4. Emasculated males make a society easier to control

  5. You mean they exploit it for their own benefits and ruin it in the process.

  6. No. They want women running things since they are filled with such logic and reason. Hard to keep a straight face on that one.

  7. Yeah, because our fellow men are so filled with logic and reason. Sure.

  8. True. They are worthless and weak. 70% are on SSRI’s. It’s over.

  9. Use terms non-conspiracy nuts can understand. We are not into your paranoia.

  10. He was being pedantic. Just to say 70% are on antidepressants…a number that he pulled out of his ass.

  11. I see, thx. His usual source of information.

  12. Funny pictures that play on words make me scared and confused.

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