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  1. i bet she’s tjecking out eatliver on her phone, so there’s that. Also probably, a lot of illegal immigrants outside her window screaming for sharia while raping girls and stabbing boys.
    It just gets annoying after a while no matter how fat you are. Thank you cheryl.

  2. Leftish post is leftish.

  3. Lol yeah far better to have a overt dictatorship in Brussels make your laws than the bother of doing it yourselves.

  4. You should get it clear if the the EU is communism or fascism. But most of you don’t even know the difference. Most important is to be against something at all. The best thing is when you can combine that with racism or something. Vote for Ahmexit.

  5. Let everybody do their own laws without compromising with each other! Starting with London, Scotland and… hell, why not Hull.
    Or, perhaps, it’s better to have some laws agreed together even if sometimes you give and sometimes you get.

  6. Why laws at all? Let’s hit each others heads like old times. If the EU was a dictatorship there wouldn’t have been a referendum and article 50. Now the Brits have the freedom to be stupid, poor and sick. And their great leaders ran away.

  7. Oh my, the yurps are gettin’ ready to start another world war.

  8. Getting tired of ad hominem attacks. You know you have no arguments if that’s the one you use?

  9. @eu citizen: since fascism actually is “national socialism” and terms of living are the same as under socialism I actually don’t know the difference between these two either. Would appreciate if you could enlighten me.

  10. Let’s just wait and see…
    I would expect the BREXIT-Leaders now taking political responsibility and bringing their promises into reality.
    Thats what you do, when you win your vote. Right?

  11. Fascism used to be in Italy. Nacism was short for national socialism and used to be in Germany. Two different political and economical systems.

  12. It’s called a sofa in this country FFS

  13. Why the picture of some American woman?

  14. The grammar is so bad that whatever point the writer intends is about lost.

  15. Cats > Xbox 360 Controller > Toiletpaper > Comfy wool socks > Cheryl > Political jokes

  16. The British still make their best laws themselves. Like being force to decrypt any encrypted device. Yes, that is the UK for you.

  17. @EU citizen:
    “Now the Brits have the freedom to be stupid, poor and sick.”
    That’s probably why they voted “out”. Doesn’t make a difference to them. (Of course I know that not all Brits are like this and not all voted out!)

  18. “actually”? Well, no. Have some history lessons, then come back and feel ashamed for the drivel you have just posted.

  19. If you have balls, yes, but not if one is a coward, such as Johnson and Farage.

  20. im famous!

  21. I imagine Russian tanks will be in Le Havre or even the port of Littlehampton before the 0bama regime has a game plan.

  22. Cameron said he’d brexit and then like most any politician did the exact opposite. Farage did exactly what he said he’d do and now leaves it up to Brits to do the right thing. Meanwhile the London mayor has Hamas flags flying in city parks.

  23. Fascism – is Political ideology, based on unlimited and total power of state, completely subordinated personality to the state. The main feature of it is cult of leader personality, one-party control system. Idea is that one nation has superiority over other nations. Fully implemented by Mussolini in Italy, furhter – Romania, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and others countries.
    Nazism is a symbiosis of nationalist ideology with a socialist type of government, which is formed as a result of the extreme right in their views of the government, hostile not only to the competitors in the struggle for power, but also other nations. Nazism in its pure form was implemented only in the times of the Third Reich in Germany and is currently outlawed as a political ideology.

  24. I thought that she was British because she has a Lee Evans book. He’s not popular in the States, is he?

  25. This is the life I aspire to! What qualifications do I need?

  26. I’m with DickieBoy on this one…having been through the British education system I doubt if I have the qualifications….

  27. Yup. Left wing liberal post. It is clear if you don’t like the way others think, all you can do is degrade them. Most of your stuff is funny but when you inject libatard views, you look silly and self serving

  28. Typical British *****, Do The World A Favor And Close This Site !
    P.S. Grow Up, Turn The Finger Your Pointing At Others Around !

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