Kids Are Weird

7 thoughts on “Kids Are Weird”

  1. The aligator is however having a head-start in hide&seek.

  2. I’m sorry because of nothing….Future president of everything!!

  3. Cute. Childhood pics of Kauf Buch and his friends.

  4. damn, the kid who is kissing the pig – parental rights should be taken away from parents. pigs have quite a strong bite and teeth and a child may lose the face or a hand. didn’t the parents ever see that hannibal lecter film?

  5. Joe Bob here, Bubba is to embareassed to admit it, but he’s had the same problem with VLC. He says if he could just spell it…

  6. That kid dressed for working in the yard is quite neat, though. Defo not Kauf Buch or a friend of his.

  7. you’ve never kissed a fox and then sobered up and realized you kissed a pig?

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