Really Strange Google Search Suggestions

22 thoughts on “Really Strange Google Search Suggestions”

  1. I Google that everyday

  2. I am sexually attracted to letters

  3. I’m a lesbian

  4. Yup

  5. Lol looks like Rattus search history

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s far worse than that

  7. She creepy lol

  8. Me Rattus me no use goagle
    me use bing cause me different

  9. Hey, idiots! The dullard who has now hijacked my placeholder name continues to offer up opinions that are antithetical to my own. I don’t use a search engine it’s known to track you .

  10. Tortoise>cats

  11. lol What is happening here? XD

  12. The ratti trolls seems to have exploded.
    seems like they don’t have anything else to do

  13. @All Rattus Trolls
    You know i no longer come here to argue but now just for laughs
    But i dont engage least it may trigger one of the trolls to come after me

  14. lol

  15. Now you’re copying an entire post along with my name? I 90% pity you, 10% am irritated by you. I know that you wish to irritate, so congrats on that marginal bit of success, but are you cool with being pitied?

  16. Yeah go get em sister

  17. I like ice cream

  18. A number of these have been memes in the past. See also: “why won’t my parakeet eat my diarrhea?”

  19. These have been a thing. Let’s see here:
    Gifted children- It’s a book (

    Pork chops- It’s also a book (

    Dead pakistani – LOST (

    Canadian- It’s from an example of why bible literalists are morons (

    Toothpaste factory – It’s a book. (

    Pickles – Maury, but it’s a reach even for daytime TV (

    Golem – it’s a quote from Stranger Than Fiction

    Pig shit- Movie quote (

    Rhinos- it’s a shirt (

    Carrot- old meme (

    Gingers – a joke as old as at least South Park

    Dolphin punch – it’s a book (

    Farting, eating dirt, microwave, letters, midgets, eating yourself, nipples, velociraptor – Okay, you got me on those. The search volume regarding the google suggestions outpaces the search volume for the meme itself.

  20. What are you doing here? Go clean the dishes and do the laundry.

  21. Did the that scrubber send you home early?

  22. I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

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