Awkward Beauty Pageant Queens From The 20th Century


Sausage, atomic bomb, and magic marker: the vintage beauty pageant queens covered (and were covered in) all kinds of stuff. I wonder why don’t we get these kind of beauty pageants nowadays?

Vintage sausage beauty queen.

Atomic bomb beauty queen.

Posture queen.

Magic marker beauty queen.

Catfish beauty queen.

Beef beauty queen.

Outdoor health beauty queen.

Blueberry beauty queen.

Potato beauty queen.

Donut beauty queen.

Pet festival beauty queen.

Ivy league beauty queen.

Weather beauty queen.

Laughter beauty queen.

Queen of what?

Circus beauty queen.

Mink beauty queen.

Pork beauty queen.

Hotrod beauty queen.

Cuisine beauty queen.


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  1. Laughter queen has the best jugs

  2. Queen of circus is the prettiest.

  3. Is this a repeat? I think I’ve seen this before. Oh, yeah. I was alive for each of these celebrations. Attended them all.

  4. None of these are as awkward as Ma’am queen of 2018.

  5. Dr Mc Dr Face --- Bob February 1, 2019

    Posture queen has scoliosis if that’s her xray. Additional, given the tech of the 50’s and the expansiveness of the xray she has just condemned future generations to “special” genetic artifacts if she breeds.

  6. Grande Lolz February 2, 2019

    ‘Sausage Queen’ was what I used to call my ex wife. But that was back then. Now she is more like ‘Ancient Pork Granny’.

    But please don’t tell her. She will pork you up!

  7. Karl Childers February 2, 2019

    That Idaho girl got some nice taters. Mmm hmm.

  8. Marty McFly February 8, 2019

    I love the “Natural” Pork Queen. not sure of her nationality, that was lost in translation.

  9. I’m the current Queen of Homosexual Alcoholic Obesity.

  10. Anonymous April 9, 2020

    Catfish Queen is NOT holding up a catfish

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