When Your Employer Says “We Value You”…

What does it mean when employer says “We value you”? It just a little speech to make you work more for the same money. Mystery solved. You’re welcome. Now go back to work and do some unpaid overtime!

We really value you. Thanks, but my wage... We value you in ways that can not be expressed in money.

12 thoughts on “When Your Employer Says “We Value You”…”

  1. They actually removed a comment on the Just released Covid vaccine study. Censorship as always is alive and well in Canadastan. Find and read the study for yourself.

  2. The above comment will be deleted in 1..2..

  3. The study that doesn’t exist showed blablabla. Fake news 101.

  4. The speech the employer gave this lady is right out of
    Trumps book. He saved his companies millions on wages
    which he then pockets.
    His new scam is to make his minions feel sorry for him so
    they will send him money towards his fines.
    I never realized how fuc&#@g stupid people are where they
    send a billionaire money to help him pay his lawsuits.

  5. Canada censors a study that is publicly available and partly paid by Canadian money? No, this side just does want any part in spreading your non-sense, as is their legal right.

  6. Justine just doesn’t want people to know since he, like Biden, tried to force everyone to take it and now their to blame. And study is damming and every where.

  7. People come here to talk about politics, they don’t know anything about politics, but where there is a circus you’re bound to find some clowns!

  8. Compared to studies estimating that the vaccine saved millions of lives, this is utter peanuts.

  9. Everytime the guy mentions Trudeau he adds Biden in the mix, that is how you know the creature is a troll!

  10. He’s doing it for years now. Trudeau, Biden, the vaccines. Evreyone knows he’s a troll. He must have a sad life.

  11. Stop noticing! Stop speaking the truth! Think as we think! Individualism is the enemy.

  12. Individualism IS the enemy! Community based societies are always better!

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