War Face



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  1. Dick Richie May 6, 2014

    “You don’t scare me, work on it!”

  2. Anonymous May 6, 2014

    “A jelly doughnut? How did it get here?”

  3. You’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!

  4. Dick Richie May 6, 2014

    “Did your parents have any children that lived? I bet they regret that!”

  5. The Generation Game May 7, 2014

    “Maggots, from now on the first and last words out of your mouth will be Sir… You will find that I am hard but I am fair, because I am hard you will not like me. You will also find that because my acting career is coming to an end without anyone being able to remember any of the roles I was in aside from this one you will also find me to be a little sad…”

  6. teeter tot May 8, 2014


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