Trump Visits Jerusalem

12 thoughts on “Trump Visits Jerusalem”

  1. Ah, old love. How romantic.

  2. Serious question: why he’s wearing that hat? Is he Jewish?

  3. Not sure if Jerusalem wall is a good example for criticism, after all it decreased terrorism events a lot.

  4. Serious answer: respect.
    Exactly what that barbaric ***** Michelle Obama DID NOT show
    by entering a Christian church in Italy wearing an exposed shoulder blouse.

  5. We also might add no one will get killed for not wearing it, and no former Jew will be killed by deciding to leave the religion.

  6. Kauf Buch – God forbid a woman shows their shoulders in a church. A woman’s body is not immodest – the horrific crimes committed by the Catholic church over the centuries is. It’s grumpy old ***** like your insignificant worthless self that make Christianity appear no better than the backward customs of Muslim countries. And besides, you only said this because you hate Obama, because you hate black people, because, in the end, you have a very, VERY small penis.

  7. WOW!
    You can us all sorts of OBSCENITIES on this site, BUT:
    if you use a five-letter word for “prostitute”
    (one that starts with “wh” and rhymes with BORE)
    EatLiver will CENSOR YOU!
    This is not a bashful site, just a hypocritical one.

  8. Some background info to fill out that “serious answer” you request:
    (you are in effect asking: WHY does the Left hate Trump so much?)
    1) Stupidity. Thanks to a dumbed-down education system and ignorant, left-leaning teachers, a lot of people lack either the knowledge base or the intellectual capacity to understand that what’s going on here really is a Clash of Civilizations – not some series of random incidents provoked by “Islamophobia” and foreign policy
    2) Ideology. Many Soros-funded progressives see Western Civilization as the problem. They want it to fail. They want open borders. They hate people who oppose these things far more than they hate terrorists.
    3) Virtue-signalling. Tweeting your concerns about Islamophobia while the bodies from the latest Islamic atrocity are barely cold is a very fashionable way of showing how high-minded and decent you are. It means you are capable of rising above raw emotion and that you care about The Other.
    4) Peer pressure. The liberal-left – most especially the arty and chattering class types I call the Wankerati – live in a bubble. They never associate with anyone who doesn’t think as stupidly as they do – therefore they never have original or insightful opinions.
    5) Cowardice. They think if they don’t stick their heads above the parapet no one will notice. Or, as Churchill once put it: “Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last.”
    Hope this helps answer your question.

  9. The peer pressure is big problem nowadays. People label racist, misogynist, bigoted whoever doesn’t blindly agree with leftist view. And leftists are free to do whatever racist, misogynist and bigoted act they want as long as it’s in the name of leftism.
    Islam is a disease that liberals try to ignore, but people are dying because of that.

  10. A great wall to urinate. I p*ss on all religion. I’d love to piss in Kauf Buch’s church. On his seat.

  11. Well Kauf since you’re handing out lessons please tell me why the Catholic Church, which has notoriously hidden hundreds of pedophiles, has never faced the wrath of American Patriots? I consider child rape and murder to be equally​ horrendous crimes, why did we not have a “clash of civilizations” then? Perhaps you should pay a little closer attention to what is going on in the world as ISIS is currently engaged in battle against Iran, Iraq, Turkey and a host of other Muslim majority nations. Conflating all Muslims​ with ISIS is just as disingenuous as conflating all Catholics with pedophiles. One final curiosity, why do the people who complain so bitterly about middle eastern culture cling so tightly to the monuments celebrating the treasonous southerners who insisted on keeping slaves?

  12. Prince Leo- Wasn’t he at the wailing wall? Security wall is something different

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