Honey, Please Wake Up Our Son

The 9/11 was an inside job! Chemtrails are real! Vaccines cause autism! The Moon landings is a hoax!!!

4 thoughts on “Honey, Please Wake Up Our Son”

  1. Don’t forget: Hunter Biden’s lap is real. Trump won biggly. Epstein didn’t kill himself. The Catholic Church is the church of Satan etc..

  2. Trump: Of course I won. Not in numbers but by the will of God. I swear on this Holy Bible.
    Minion: Uhm, that’s your biography, Sir.
    Trump: What’s the difference? It’s a book. A good one. The best. Better than the woke Bible.
    Minion: Did you read it, Sir?
    Trump: The Bible? No.
    Minion: No, Sir. Your biography.
    Trump: Are you nuts? I didn’t even write it. And I do reading less. – Now get me a coke. … I miss my coke button.

  3. Lets go Brandon

  4. Bigfoot is a racist misogynist homophobic antivaxing meat-eating anti-abortion climate-denier that buys children gender specific toys for christian holidays. Not to big on the NRA though…

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