Wake Up, Son!



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  1. Kauf Buch has a son? Who would have thought.

  2. He just put his son to sleep…

  3. Half of that comments are true :)

  4. @ Gar32… Only the last one is true. All others are tin foil hat B.S

  5. Kauf Buch June 22, 2017

    anteater and his mom?

    • Very original. And you made that up all of your own? No, of course not. You simply twisted my comment around a bit as you have no creativity yourself, but are very good at twisting words. Now, let us guess what your profession is. Politician? Insurance agent? Car salesman? Must be something like this.

    • American In Vienna June 23, 2017

      Poor Kauf. No imagination whatsoever. No sense of humor. No ready-wit… Nothing. Blank.

  6. The guy in the 2nd pic looks totally different from the one in the first. Not only is this meme unfunny, it’s sloppily done. So sad.

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