They Will Be So TRIGGERED!

18 thoughts on “They Will Be So TRIGGERED!”

  1. They “found out” decades ago. No “triggering”. Nothing happening at all.
    Your move, Eat Liver guy.

  2. “I’m Offended!” (© every embittered feminist and useful idiot Leftist)

  3. Could someone explain this please? I don’t get it?

  4. EatLiver, dude, what did your mom do to you? Get some therapy, seriously.
    Talking about being “triggered”, sheesh.

  5. Volvo is Latin for “I turn”.
    The symbol underneath the Volvo symbol is male.
    I turn male?
    “I turn male” triggers feminists?
    The symbol also means “male orgasms”
    Therefore perhaps it means “I turn on male orgasms”
    Dear Landlord, don’t drink and photoshop.

  6. Thank you for explaining, NowHardToStarboardSheerAway. I see it now. That’s is? Not funny at all. I’m sure women won’t be ‘triggered’ by a logo. Ah well, hopefully the next Eatliver offering will be better.

  7. Actually, it’s you right wing nuts who get offended 24/7, by people who just want to live their lives and are not 100% “normal” in your eyes. The whiniest of all politicians is the Trumpster and nothing is easier that to trigger idiots like you. You’re just pathetic.

  8. Funny Very Funny

  9. **** me off, you lard-*** ****.
    WHO (clue: LEFTISTS) riots during protests?
    WHO (clue: LEFTISTS) says Trump threatens democracy if he doesn’t accept the election result…and then doesn’t accept the election results?!?
    WHO (clue: LEFTISTS) doesn’t accept straights?
    WHO (clue: LEFTISTS) doesn’t accept whites?
    WHO (clue: LEFTISTS) doesn’t accept males?
    WHO (clue: LEFTISTS) doesn’t accept able-bodied people?
    Drop dead, LOSER.

  10. Volvo are Swedish so of course they made a model for feminists, the Volvo Amazone (120 series). They’re old now, but still in use as they were built to last forever. Maybe something for the landlady?

  11. You are really quite profoundly stupid, aren’t you?

  12. Feminists are humorless harpies and are perpetually offended.

  13. Kaufbuch, you are really boring and predictable. We know you are frustrated. We know you are miserable. We know you are trying to project all you fears and low self-esteem to some imaginary “leftards”, or however you call them… If you want to convey your message, you’ll need to simmer down. Nobody takes you seriously. You are a sad and pathetic joke.

  14. Liver, that pink female sign is upside down. OK? Good.

  15. “nothing is easier that to trigger idiots like you. You’re just pathetic”

  16. Name calling.
    Non sequiturs.
    Leftists are the boring oh-so-predictable idiots.
    But, THANKS for PROVING IT to every reader here!
    Go clutch your pearls elsewhere, children.

  17. Hm, actually Trump doesn’t accept the results, even though he’s going to be president. He’s hallucinating millions of fake votes for HRC.
    And in what world do “leftists” not accept straight people, whites, males, and “able-bodied” people? Either you are on drugs that are not good for you or off drugs you should be on. Being an idiot buffoon is not good enough an explanation for the delusional, aggressive state you’re in, that must be some sort of medical condition.

  18. No one on this site knows what an actual feminist looks like. They’re buying into a strawman created by ******* men who want to keep mistreating women.

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