The Miracle of Virgin Birth

My mother was a virgin when she gave birth to me. Yeah, that's why three random dudes showed up at your birth with gifts.

10 thoughts on “The Miracle of Virgin Birth”

  1. Im starting to question everything

  2. you obviously have not been paying attention —LIBRALS LIVE BY TRUTH>>> republican’ts are raging lying *******

  3. Okay

  4. Yeep

  5. Me and Billy Bob has been arguing about that streak of cloud in that pitcher… He says its a contrail left by a UFO, and I say its a exhaust of a Russian TOS-1. After all, them Ruskies was real close to Constantinoble and mite of thought a invasion was immenant.

  6. Actually, they arrived over a years after his birth. That’s the reason Herod ordered all the kids under 2 years old killed, not just babies.
    The manger scene with 14lbs (judging by his size compared to Mary) baby Jeezus, Joe, Mary and 3 wise dudes is pure bull—-. If it’s just Mary, Joe, a newborn sized Jeezus and a donkey, that would be true to the Bible description. And shepards. Shepards shirking their responsiblities by leaving their sheeps unprotected to get a peek at the newborn King of the Jews.

  7. It’s fantasy.

  8. Actually, no one gives a F**k. Actually.

  9. I’m pretty sure they would leave the sheep outside or with their sons while they went inside lmao

  10. Question every claim, demand evidence. Don’t believe something just because everyone else believes it or because it’s written in a so called holy book. Follow evidence where ever it leads. And remember, faith is not a virtue.

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