Virgin Birth



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  1. *lol* Did eatliver just correct a typo in this meme? Kauf Buch complained about dudes written as dues. I saw it too. Then it disappeared. It’s magic!

    • Isn’t internet amazing?

    • rozbisurmaniony September 6, 2017

      Who da**** is this Kauf Buch? I read about the person at eatliver only :D

    • Dat, chalk it up to
      The Great Things In Life We Cannot Understand
      including things like
      where did that other sock go I put in the machine
      what will make my girlfriend happy but not make her angry tomorrow
      why did the pigeon poop on my car right *there*

    • “what will make my girlfriend happy but not make her angry tomorrow” – GOLD!

    • Two thing I can answer.
      There are machines that “eat” socks. The rumor is true. I use sock clips. So the pairs will stay together.
      Pigeons are used to poop over water, like ponds and rivers. The glossy car makes them think they are sitting above a puddle
      About women… I didn’t figure this one out either… yet.

  2. Nothingsacred September 5, 2017

    The number of wise men was never specified in any of the gospels. Amongst the gifts brought 3 were mentioned. It’s a matter of reading comprehension.

  3. So is it even worse? The father could be a cheap guy that didn’t even bother to bring a gift.

  4. And it could all be a translation error where the original text could have referred to Mary as “young woman”.
    This is fyi the literal meaning of the german word for virgin: Jungfrau

  5. I heard when your Momma rode a donkey into Bethlehem, she really rode it.

  6. Gosh, it’s so funny and hip to ignore the lessons this guy brought us. Totally fly, bro. Love thy neighbor? As if!

  7. thats not funny jesus will punish u

  8. If the creator of the universe (God) wanted to become incarnate then it is not surprising that he would make that happen miraculously TO MAKE A POINT.

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