The Miracle of Virgin Birth


My mother was a virgin when she gave birth to me. Yeah, that's why three random dudes showed up at your birth with gifts.


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  1. Im starting to question everything

    • you obviously have not been paying attention —LIBRALS LIVE BY TRUTH>>> republican’ts are raging lying *******

    • Question every claim, demand evidence. Don’t believe something just because everyone else believes it or because it’s written in a so called holy book. Follow evidence where ever it leads. And remember, faith is not a virtue.

  2. Me and Billy Bob has been arguing about that streak of cloud in that pitcher… He says its a contrail left by a UFO, and I say its a exhaust of a Russian TOS-1. After all, them Ruskies was real close to Constantinoble and mite of thought a invasion was immenant.

  3. Simon "The Rock" Peter December 1, 2021

    Actually, they arrived over a years after his birth. That’s the reason Herod ordered all the kids under 2 years old killed, not just babies.
    The manger scene with 14lbs (judging by his size compared to Mary) baby Jeezus, Joe, Mary and 3 wise dudes is pure bull—-. If it’s just Mary, Joe, a newborn sized Jeezus and a donkey, that would be true to the Bible description. And shepards. Shepards shirking their responsiblities by leaving their sheeps unprotected to get a peek at the newborn King of the Jews.

    • Actually, no one gives a F**k. Actually.

    • Mark, Luke and maybe john December 2, 2021

      I’m pretty sure they would leave the sheep outside or with their sons while they went inside lmao

  4. It’s fantasy.


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