Hilariously Awkward Glamour Photos of Donald Trump And His “Best People”

Chest Strongwell has created the funniest photoshop jobs I have seen in quite a while which also just so happen to poke fun at members of the current administration and other fascistic enablers and foul miscreants.

16 thoughts on “Hilariously Awkward Glamour Photos of Donald Trump And His “Best People””

  1. Biased anti-Trump posts are getting a little old, especially when they have no basis in fact. You are neither original nor clever. He was legally elected. Get over it.

  2. You don’t have any sense of humour at all.

  3. @anteater
    Funny. That is what they accuse all others when they post their own insults. When you confront them it’s all satire and humor.
    In Germany we say: „Wer austeilt, muss auch einstecken können.“ – “If you dish it out, you have to be able to take it.”
    Apart from all that these pictures are really BADLY shopped!

  4. @anteater I do indeed have a sense of humor, but I also have a sense of decency. In the early 1930s the German populace was subjected to an endless stream of anti-Semetic cartoons. “Just humor.” Less than a decade later the Nazis (not the general German publi) commenced the murder of 6 milion.

  5. What
    ever you do. Just don’t mention the War

  6. Wow. Fwig is an idiot and doesn’t even realize it. Talk about a lack of self-awareness.

  7. Are you sure this post didn’t escape from the Swedish rock band collection?

  8. @Fwig: Well, I don’t know you so I guess you have a sense of decency. Donald Trump is surely lacking to this regard, so I think he has to take it as it comes. And I actually find the pics above quite funny, at least a few of them.
    Your reference to anti-Semitic caricatures in 1930s Germany is way of the mark! I have seen enough of these, believe me.
    The general German public often just looked away. Camps like Dachau or Buchenwald (which weren’t extermination camps like Auschwitz) were clearly visible for average Fritz to see.

    @The Good German: I understand German perfectly well ^^
    Trumpisten können gut austeilen und darüber hinaus selten mehr. Ist bei den AfDlern ja ganz ähnlich. Für sie selbst gilt die rücksichtsloseste Meinungsfreiheit, aber wehe jemand sagt etwas gegen diese Genies.

  9. @ Fwig- Don’t you think you are getting a bit over the top when you compare a bit of fotoshopping with the Holocaust? Don’t be such a snowflake! By the way – how did Trump do at the annual performance review with Putin today?

  10. Which one? – Peloponnesian War, Punnic Wars, War of the Roses, Thirty Years War, War of Jenkins Ear, Napoleonic Wars, World Wars, Yom Kippur War or the War of the Rubber Chickens of Masalah against the Flying Toasters of Doom? So much choice, so little time…

  11. Eat****.com again with their soyboy political propoganda? :D

  12. The US of A got sold to Russia. Putin’s happy.

  13. Soyboy? Please say more. Maybe interested.

  14. ITYM “baaawww”

  15. “I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately”. – George Carlin

    “It is the job of a satirist, okay, to make people in power uncomfortable, really uncomfortable, to the point where they go: this has to be stopped.” Tony Hendra

  16. lol

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