Creepy Vintage Pictures of Ventriloquist Dummies



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  1. Kill it with fire and go back to work, people.

  2. Edgar Bergen February 6, 2016

    It’s like a Tim Burton movie. Shari says Lambchop is a sock puppet.

  3. Friends with bears February 6, 2016

    But do they love Jesus? That is the important question.

  4. Where’s Achmed the dead Terrorist?

  5. Hello John, I want to play a game…

  6. Connie Linguist February 7, 2016

    the last one is like looking in a mirror. gee thanks Mr.Serling.

  7. Repeal the Onion February 11, 2016

    Chuckie doesn’t look so scary anymore…

  8. The last one is from the british TV-Show “The Avengers” season four, episode twentyfive.

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