What Should We Get?

A taxi is probably the best choice.

12 thoughts on “What Should We Get?”

  1. Those people are no vegans. They are meat eating conservatives. Rich and “entitled”. Hypodrites for the Lord. They would eat children if it wasn’t banned.
    And he’s propably a friend of Weinstein and Epstein. Playing golf on Sunday with Trump to make another deal making it easier to rip off his workers.

  2. That waitress is savage.

  3. Get a Taxi.

  4. They are drinking wine which has fish bladder in it.

  5. Leave vegans alone!!!

  6. Yes. You are quite right. We have been maligned for much too long.

  7. It has amused me for quite some time that Baby Killers accuse others of that crime. That those who cannot tell you what a women is preach to us about global warming.

  8. Can vegans be cannibals? :-)

  9. @Hitler you spelled malnourished wrong.

  10. Kek at all the subhuman trash who can’t let others eat what they want

  11. Take your pills ano

  12. I want to eat roasted babies. So unfair. Such miscarriage of ethics.

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