Why Eat One, But Love Another?


Yes, vegans... Why?


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  1. Not Chinese August 26, 2020

    … and the chinese will not understand, as they will eat both

  2. Mmm bacon…

  3. American Indians ate dog and lots and lots of people. LOTS of people eat dogs, goats etc..

    • Cannibalism among North American Indians was almost non-existent, until whites arrived. In Central and South America it was very rare too and used only during rituals. It’s never been a major part of any ancient culture’s diet.

      “Lot and lots of people”… That’s a lie.

    • Republican still eat the flesh of children. Then blame the Democrats for their disappearance in some mystic underground cave system that – surprise – no one can find. Why do you think Trump loves that conspiracy nonsense. To cover up his own meals.

  4. so white people made the American Indians eat people. Of course they did! 😂 🤣

  5. and what do we got here? cow, pig, horse, dog, rat, human? https://bit.ly/3hz0Yjp

  6. Famine? So now you think the American Indians where farmers? And did white people cause this famine as well? Good God man. Stop this nonsense.

    • There were farmers among North American natives. Nevertheless you begin to starve when white people steal your land and drive you out of your hunting grounds and away from your fields into the desert.

    • It’s easy to destroy any rightard arguments with facts. But until there is a cure for stupidity it’s just like pest control.

  7. You really need to read a book. Any book would help. Indians had slaves by the way.

  8. Latvietis [Latvia] September 12, 2020

    Trump will win in november, 2020

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