Making Dogs Vegan

I make my dogs vegan. It's cool that you are so open about your mental illness.

22 thoughts on “Making Dogs Vegan”

  1. Haa, haa… Karen.

  2. Why not? If idiots today believe they can identify as a different sex (despite what their chromosomes and millions of years of evolution say), then I’m sure they and the liberals who agree with them are a lot more mentally ill than the girl in the photo! A LOT more!

  3. You are stupid. Chromosomes aren’t everything. There are gay animals, despite what their chromosomes demand. So it’s normal for a percentage of the population to be different. It won’t hurt you. Never has.
    Your chromosomes demand you to be a social create, yet you are obviously asocially bigot…

  4. If you want to live in a free country, that means living with a lot of people who want to do things differently from you.

  5. creature

  6. I don’t get it

  7. I don’t care what sex you identify as, feeding a dog a vegan diet is animal cruelty!
    I do respect people’s decisions to change their diet based on their beliefs and value system.
    I do not agree when someone forces their beliefs and value system on others, especially if they are canine or feline and cannot help themselves!

  8. I gather that it’s possible for a dog to get all the things they need from a vegan diet and if they’re given that diet from a puppy they wouldn’t know any better so probably wouldn’t miss meat.
    But if a dog is used to a meat diet then changing to a vegan diet could be classified as animal cruelty.
    On the other hand cats need some meat or fish in their diet as there are some things they need which they can’t get from a vegan diet

  9. In The UK there was a woman some years ago who claimed her dog was vegetarian. That lasted just untill she was invited on to TV show where they tested her claim by giving the a choice between veggies and meat. Naturally the dog chose the meat. You can find the clip on youtube. Search for “Should Your Dog Become a Vegetarian? | This Morning”

    Honestly treating your dogs or cats as if they are vegetarians or vegans is outright animal abuse.

  10. Their(D) “science” agencies can’t tell the difference between men and women and are shocked when The People don’t want their shot. Their governors applaud criminals who shoot cops and poop on the sidewalk.

  11. Sorry dude or dudette … no matter what you gather, it still isn’t OK to do that to a puppy.

    I’m not saying it needs to be a barf diet, but I know several dogs in my surroundings that have severe allergies to grain based foods and that can only eat meat.

    With your arguments you could also argue it’s ok to lock up a human in a prison cell from birth and keep him in there, but it’s ok cause he doesn’t know anything else

  12. The GOP applauds people that poop into the Capitol and kill cops protecting it.

  13. Same for children.

  14. The dog drifted to the meat because in nature, if you are able to consume it, on average there are way more calories gram for gram in meat than veggies. For omnivores, it would make sense they leaned toward the meat meal since the animal wants the more efficient store of calories. That’s why our taste buds like fatty foods because our tongues tell us that there are more calories there.

  15. And the dems applaud people who loot and burn, vandalize, terrorize and kill and defund cops protecting everywhere else. Like either party is a rational choice anymore.

  16. Finally a good meme on this site

  17. Even a normal human would drift to meat. We have just a better supply in our civilisation so solely vegetarian nutrition is an option at all. In the wild a human would choose meat. Because you don’t know what you’ll get tomorrow.
    Dogs are not considered omnivores. They have better digestion for plant food, in contrast to cats for example, but they are optimized for meat. Even more than wolves.

  18. Um, that where Trump/GOP mobs too. Remember?
    • loot and burn – luckily the Capitol didn’t catch fire. But computers and other stuff were stolen by those Trump fans.
    • vandalize – Lots of damaged stuff in there, feces.
    • terrorize – Trump’s terrorists attacked the whole country. And the GOP invited them. Even opened them doors. Showing up at other peoples’ protests fully armed and armored. That’s to induce terror.
    • kill – Nearly crushing cops to death at doors, killing one of them in his duty to protect the American democracy. Murderers. Trump and the GOP made themselves accomplices. Also it was far-right • • terrorists that drove into people and shot unarmed protesters in the back.
    • and defund cops protecting – Republican no tax states. No taxes, no funds for the police. It’s quite simple and basic.

  19. In order for me to eat, something must die. Everyday. I like that.

  20. @hetero-the only time animals are ‘gay’ is when there are no animals of the opposite sex available. It’s not a choice the animal made. Much like humans when they’re put in prison.

  21. Canine digestive tracts are SPECIFICALLY BUILT for consuming and digesting meat. They are not omnivores, like humans and pigs, and are simply not set up to exist in a vegan diet. It’s in animal cruelty to force this upon them.

  22. THis is where you are wrong. Penguins in colonies could find plenty of partners of the opposite s*x. Yet, gaydom occurs. It’s just natural. And as it has no effect on reproduction and evolution all those animals still exists. You are just driven by religious bias.

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