Vegan Arrest: You Have The Right To Remain Silent

It’s a little known fact to the general public, but a well known problem in law enforcement – vegans act notoriously stupid when they get arrested – they just can’t shut up and talk themselves into all kinds of problems.

You have the right to remain silent. Impossible. I'm vegan.

19 thoughts on “Vegan Arrest: You Have The Right To Remain Silent”

  1. I´m from the interwebs. I declare this joke as lame.

  2. Shoot him, then tell the boss he was trying to escape.

  3. Vegans are not real. It’s a pyop

  4. Vegans are mentally ill.

  5. And people who force their dogs and cats to be vegan. Special place in hell for these monsters lets hope.

  6. Those pets will start to feed on their dead vegan owners should they die and not be discovered for days. Fitting.

  7. What would the pets feed on though? If you are what you eat then a vegan is pretty much just salad!

  8. Well by that logic, it’s more than likely it’d be the last vegan meal they’ll ever have to eat.

  9. That means our antivaxx-incel-racist-“i hate canada”-guy here has alway been a pile of sh*t. Makes sense now.

  10. I doubt his pets are gonna eat him! Preservation of life and all, wouldn’t want to injest poison.

  11. This is a I hate Americans site. Criticize Trudeau and you become a antivaxx-incel-rasist etc.. But hey Lefty, you forgot anti Trans, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic. You have to get ALL the propaganda words in there dummy. It only works when you use all of them at the same time. You need to reread the Marxist pamphlets they gave you. You won’t get your Soros money making these mistakes. Do you want Marxist Globalism or not! Do better.

  12. Oh boy Karen is back everyone!

  13. Well our efforts within Canada did make the murders in the Government pull their satanic plans to kill mentally ill children. They got called out and exposed so they took their plan and crawled back into their dirty little hole. We saved lives. What have you done today Karen?

  14. How do you get rid of Karen’s? Is their like a block of poison you can leave out?

  15. Well since you are the karen I guess just sign up with the Government of Canada, tell them your sad and they will execute you. It’s that easy. Justine likes to watch. Naked, except for fancy socks, in a dark room with his body covered in Vaseline. He’s really disappointed about not being able to execute the mentally ill children like he wanted. He likes them young, but you’ll do, I guess.

  16. “NO, YOU ARE THE KAREN!!!” So, you didn’t finish elementary school.

  17. It a Karen troll! Half Karen, half troll! It only knows how to talk about some guy named Justin?! Weird little troll monster thingy!

  18. Hang on ……you said he WAS allowed to execute little children, you went on several rants about it. Now your telling us that was a lie? That’s crazy! I thought you guys were well educated and had your shit together. I was wrong!

  19. Conservatives? How could they be well educated. They refuse to learn new stuff and live in the past. It’s in the name.

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