Vegan Arrest


You have the right to remain silent. Impossible. I'm vegan.


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  1. Lock him up, vegan radical!

  2. U.S. Police State April 27, 2022

    After 16 hours of American police torture he’ll admit to anything.

    • J6 DC Solitary Confinment Security Guard April 27, 2022

      I concur.

    • BURNIE DA COOK April 28, 2022

      Carnation! Edgelordman has uncovered Dr Whitehouse’s Sooper Sekrit Chunnel’o’Lurv.

  3. Libs of Tic Tock April 27, 2022

    Not only vegans but Groomers, and Sodomites as well. It’s like an evangelical thing. Keep it to yourself, no wants to hear about your disgusting habits.

    • Big Dog Arf April 27, 2022

      Since groomer is the buzz word of the month, aren’t you premature with the word sodomite for next month? Or is it evangelicals?

  4. The Wu yesterday, Weather alarmism today. April 27, 2022

    Hitler was a vegetarian. Vegans are even more radical, these 20 somethings glue themselves to furniture and road surfaces. Just think what they can accomplish when they are Hitlers age.

  5. Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian. I know I’m asking a lot from the average visitor here but please sense check your BS before posting “facts”.

  6. Anonymous July 25, 2022

    Hitler was a vegetarian it was in Albert Speers memoirs. So check your own BS.

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