Normal Parents vs. Anti-Vaxx Parents


Unvaccinated children are like dark humour. They never grow old.


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  1. Anti-Vaxx moms are out. Conspiracy nuts are now the new anti-vaxxers.

    • Kids Touching His Leg Hair and Loving Them Jumping In His Lap May 8, 2020

      THEY redacted the Muller report where it said that he colluded with the Russians and Space Aliens to generate false stories about Joe’s pervert tenancies.

  2. Anonymous May 8, 2020

    Hopefully, after this is all over, the anti-science types will start believing.

    It’s much better to listen to people who have spent a lifetime studying a topic, than spending a few hours ‘researching’ for yourself on the internet.

    • Dunning-Kruger-Effect. The most effective and easy way would be if they just die of Covid-19. Natural selection.

    • Yeah! Cause Bill Gates & that marxist guy who heads the W.H.O. have spent a lifetime studying … umm… oh.. never mind

  3. Anonymous May 8, 2020

    Sadly we can no longer believe what these so called scientists are telling us. Check out all the Banned videos of Doctors telling us we’re being lied to about covid death rates, risks of contagion etc.. No, its a world of lies now and people don’t have a place to go to find facts. Its all redacted bullshit.

    • Anonymous May 8, 2020

      There is a reason those videos are being banned. It’s relatively easy to look up what the CDC says.

      The people who listen to idiots will end up dying in higher numbers. One would hope that would be a learning experience. Nothing happens to the flat earthers when they are wrong, but something will happen to a big gathering of anti-vaxers.

      By memorial day, a lot more people will be dead and many more will be in the Hospital. Hopefully that will be a learning experience too.

    • It’s funny how Americans tell everyone how harmless Covid-19 is and how universal healthcare is communism. And so they die like flies and crash their economy. While others, following advise of qualified scientists and operating helathcare systems, have minimal death rates and keep the economy running.

    • Universal healthcare is an investment in a healthy workforce. Taxes are investment in a working infrastructure. You can’t sell your goods if you don’t have roads or rails to transport them on. So taxes aren’t communism but a shared investment in the country. The government is just there to manage it.

    • Anonymous May 9, 2020

      Sadly your right. The WHO lied, provably. So did the CDC. I doubt there will ever be a vaccine for the Wuhan Virus, but if there is I don’t know if I’d take it. It’s a sad state of affairs. Somethings going on…,

  4. Americans would love to have Universal Healthcare. We just can’t because we give to much money to dead beat countries and spend to much of our hard earned money providing Military Protection to little retarded countries that can’t defend themselves. So your right, we should stop doing that. Beginning with YOUR country.

    • SillyKiwiMan May 10, 2020


      You’re obviously a child, with a child’s view of the world.

      You embarrass your country. Admittedly, you’re not the only one doing it, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re stupid, ignorant, and yet proud of it.

    • Anonymous May 11, 2020


      We spend more money per capita on our healthcare than any other first world country. Any excess military spending is a separate issue.

  5. SillyKiwiMan, (speaking of childish)

    Don’t just name call, make an argument for why what I said is wrong. Are you saying the American Military doesn’t protect the free world? Or that the American tax payer isn’t providing billions of dollars in aid to other countries? Both of those things are facts. Oh, and we also grow and export more food then ANY OTHER COUNTRY. Yours is the child’s view. You live in a fantasy world where threats like China don’t exist and where the people that protect you from military domination and provide financial aid and food to the globe are stupid and ignorant. Both those words kinda mean the same thing….. but hey, you do you.

  6. Anonymous May 18, 2020

    ThE goVeRnmEnT aNd DoCtoRs wOULd neVeR LiE To uS, if it was on tv or on the news then it is true. It does not matter what science said before the pandemic, it just all changed one day because thats how it works.

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