17 thoughts on “Math In America”

  1. Why isn’t the teacher armed?

  2. Nailed it.

  3. Concealed carry?

  4. Dude in lower right corner made a fine choice in what to wear. Bullseye! Thug Life.

    Cats > Guns

  5. Everybody’s got a gun, nobody’s getting shot, and they know the math answers. Looks like the ideal solution to school violence.

    Probably isn’t any bullying either.

  6. You don’t get satire, do you?

  7. You don’t get satire, do you?

  8. Hell Yeah! Second Amendment!

  9. You don’t get satire, do you?

  10. When I see images of guns I always picture Texas

  11. That one delinquent has a cigarette. You can’t smoke in school.

  12. 2+2 is the most advanced math there is in Trump’s America. So good luck with that whole making things great again.

  13. Honestly it could be any grocery store in the US. Conservatives are afraid to go pick up their steaks, twinkies, Bud, and toilet paper without packing. It must so really stressful living in such a state of constant fear that I almost feel sorry for them.

  14. What school teacher or administrator will nay-say him?

  15. Americans only need to count to 9. 9 bullets in the mag and everything is ok. Yeehaa!

  16. @Norvegicus That is just about the most ignorant statement I have seen all year. If you try, though, you might be able to surpass it. I have faith in your ability.

  17. @BigR, you go to the grocery store without your gun? Good for you. Maybe you can talk the rest of your compatriots into releasing their grip on their need to conceal carry everywhere they go.

    Oh, and congrats on never having read a comment with the word “libtard” in it.

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