22 thoughts on “Hypocrisy”

  1. “Hypocrisy”?
    I think you mis-spelled NON-SEQUITUR.

  2. That alone will make the NRA flood Washington with yet another billion of..incentives.

  3. I am reminded that I have neglected to go to the range this month, and renew my NRA subscription.

  4. But not as much as Planned Parenthood.

  5. Green Tip, you don’t fool us. You don’t need to remind yourself to be a ******* idiot – you just are one.

    And sorry about the genital gangrene – that must hurt.

  6. effendi – Lol, look up the stats on what the NRA donates and what broadcasters donate. A NRA member has yet to go on a mass shooting.

  7. Pull NPR’s subsidies and see if they can succeed in the open marketplace and turn a profit.

  8. @Rattus;
    I can see you are triggered. I am so sorry for you.

    But look on the bright side, its VC day! It’s been exactly one year from today that Trump defeated Hillary!.

  9. Yeah, Gangrenous Genitals, I’m not American. I’m not the one being screwed over because my country panders to morons. So go ahead, laugh (or shoot) your way to a nuclear war and your inevitable slide to third-world status.

  10. Ya loon. Trump has done wonders for my retirement and other investments. So seethe away at our victory. Nuclear war? lololololol.

  11. The current state of the economy is a result of the last fiscal period of Obama’s terms in office. Withhold laughing out laughing out laughing out laughing out loud until the Trump effect actually kicks in. That assumes that the moron has actually goaded NK into attacking.

  12. Whoops, typo. Meant “hasn’t actually goaded”.

  13. And just how many quarters have gone by since Obama has been a has been?

  14. I live in Norway. None of my friends own a weapon and I am happy that my children grow up in a society like this. (I grow up in Yugoslavia and have experienced three different wars. Peace everybody!!!

  15. They won’t. Unfortunately an intelligent and discerning audience is not a money maker. You need an enormous quantity of morons if you want to turn a profit.

  16. Intelligent and discerning audiences are deadbeats.

  17. Actually, it more that the witless and obtuse will spend every penny of any bit of useless shiny ephemera that crosses their sightline.

  18. If the people in the church had weapons and would have been armed to the teeth like real, good americans they could still be alive.

  19. Cat has your tongue, I see.

  20. Now, this is an attitude I can adore.

    I am from Germany and we have quite a littered past. The other day in the USA one guy, who used to be stationed in Germany some years back, has let me know that the Germans are war mongers. Erm, well, yes, some 80 years ago, true, but somehow that guy missed a lot of American history since 1945.

    Generally speaking I find a chimpanzee with a gun a lot less dangerous than an average American with a banana.

    Peace for everybody!

  21. I think it’s funny how the same people who want to ban guns were most likely the ones who got toothpaste banned on airplanes.

  22. Actually, the country didn’t outlaw too much toothpaste. It banned containers of a size that could potentially hold enough flammable or explosive material to cause mass destruction.
    If you wanna debate gun control, fine. But facts and logic will always win over emotion and hyperbole.

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