America Explained To Non-Americans


Created by Matthew Inman.


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  1. Professional Handshaker August 22, 2015

    So… it’s all true!

  2. Remember when the Oatmeal was funny? Me either.

    • Exposing the foibles of Right Wing stupidity is always funny.

    • Libtardssuk August 23, 2015

      Remember when chicken caused cancer?? Me neither…

    • Came here to say this. Was not disappointed.

    • “Remember when the Oatmeal was funny? Me either.”
      Translation: “The Oatmeal is funny, but mocked my sacred cow, so my butt hurts.”

  3. We already knew that. So, no books have to be rewritten.

  4. Some inaccuracies here. Do I not love that. Here goes:
    The Statue of Liberty: Originally La Liberte eclairant le Monde (Liberty enlightening the World), a statue 100% designed, constructed and built by the French, who then decided to mount it on a tiny US island. A perfect US symbol.
    The Bald Eagle: A Canadian/Alaskan bird, very common in British Columbia, rare in the US south of the Canadian border. Still for some reason the US national bird and a US symbol.
    Turkey: It’s a very old tradition to eat certain animals to absorb some of their abilities (strength, ferocity, etc.). Americans are traditionalists, but they eat a lot of turkeys. The only special «ability» of turkeys are their almost unlimited stupidity, they’re some of the stupidest creatures on the face of the Earth. Maybe there was some truth to those old traditions anyway.
    Uncle Sam: Samuel Wilson, a New York businessman who earned a lot of money selling meat to the US Army in the 19th century. A perfect symbol for the US Army then.
    The Confederate Flag: Absolutely NOT the Confederate flag at all, it was the battle flag for one of the Carolinas (can’t remember which one, don’t care) and was used by part of the small Confederate Navy for a while. As for its current status, the Oatmeal is 100% correct, as they are for the Amendments and the 4th of July as well.

  5. ArnieSchwarzneggar August 23, 2015

    I disagree with this entire post!

  6. This isn’t funny. Also the statue of liberty was a gift from the French to celebrate/welcome the US as a new nation in the world. Yanks have been bagging out the French ever since.

  7. Dude needs to shut up and get back to making funny cartoons. His political satire is sadly wanting.

  8. I am mildly offended by these pictures, especially the Forth of July one.

  9. You have no sense of humor!

  10. roflmao… The Oatmeal roolz!

  11. usaner live in god´s own country!
    Aristarch is a polite guy
    don´t think the cartoons explain good to non-usaner
    with or without humor
    by the way- usa is not america!!

  12. Interesting how, to a certain group of people, this one was so, so right, yet the following one that “explained” how NATO works was was so, so wrong.

  13. “white trash” so often used by progressives. And they still believe they are not racists.

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