The Best Dad Joke You’ll See Today: What’s Up, Dad?

“Up” is a critically acclaimed animated feature film released in 2009, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. That’s what’s up.

What's up, dad? Some movie about an old guy and balloons.

13 thoughts on “The Best Dad Joke You’ll See Today: What’s Up, Dad?”

  1. Finally we are back to the classic eatliver humor.

  2. Now all we need is the old-school worm logo

  3. Whatssup is the key phrase of a TV ad for a watery beer about 24 years ago.


  4. Dad jokes are too subjective for Eatliver viewers.

  5. @effendi
    I think calling Budweiser a beer is stretching a point. To a Brit like me it’s best described as near frozen cat’s piss.

  6. Here here old boy!

  7. Dad jokes. Traditional values. Rightards love that. No thinking required.

  8. Reading eatliver while actually eating liver. Beef liver, with onions and rice. And yes, it’s delicious.

  9. Why wouldn’t it?

  10. right, budweiser is like sex in a canoe…

  11. Seriously Effendi? What do these guys here know about s*x? Also American beer is piss.

  12. You know you’ve hit the bottom of the loser barrel when you start talking about which beer is better. Real men drink tea!

  13. I survive on water, you weaklings.

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