Units of Weight Measurement

10 thoughts on “Units of Weight Measurement”

  1. Saw it coming a mile away. Not only the joke, also yo mama!

  2. Yo Mamma… ain’t he that guy that plays that big fiddle? I seen him once’t. He could win in a log sawing contest, Whoo Boy!

  3. These are metric units. You couldn’t possibly saw it coming a mile away…. Maybe a kilometer away…

  4. Or rather “logically” 1,76 kiloyards or 63,36 kiloinches away…

  5. Except for yo momma!

  6. Kiloyard is a metric unit? When did this happen, was there a meeting I missed?

  7. Who said kiloyard is a metric unit?
    Any yes, there was a meeting, and no, you didn’t miss it. You were not invited.

  8. Kilo is a prefix that means 1000 of something. It has nothing to do with the actual unit behind it, you can use a kilodozen or a megasmurf if you feel like it.

  9. My new car weights about 7,6 kilopounds

  10. That’s about 3.5 tons… are you sure it’s not a lorry?

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