Annual Meeting of Unhated Nations

26 thoughts on “Annual Meeting of Unhated Nations”

  1. Our invitation must be stuck in processing. It is ok, we forgive you.

  2. No, Switzerland, you are not invited. Hint: EUR:CHF 1:1. Geddit?!

  3. I don’t hate Canada, but I don’t like their Canada Dry drink. Doesn’t mix well with bourbon.

  4. ISIS hates us. They’ve gone all Jihad on us in the last year. It’s time to bring back fire bombing, like the kind that was used on Japan before the nukes. It was far more effective than Fat Man and Little Boy combined.

  5. its not true i hate canada and everything it stands for

  6. As far as I know it only stands for maple syrup.

  7. Why are you upset with the exchange rate? Here, have some nice Swiss Chocolate and let’s talk it out.

  8. Is that hat made from fur!?

  9. Thank you, now talk.

  10. Your beer sucks.

  11. Synthetic fur, eh.

  12. Swiss are the most corrupt nation in the world.

  13. Swiss choc can make you gay, if not corrupt..

  14. I once drank Canada Dry.

  15. Canada? Is that place still around?

  16. Canuck, you just hate everybody.

  17. The Swiss took the nazi gold the nazis stole from the jews and others for themselves after the war when all nazis were dead and never gave it back. That’s why Switzerland is a rich country today.
    If greece wants its nazi money back they should ask the swiss not the germans. +lol+

  18. Nobody hates New Zealand

  19. Australians hate New Zealand.
    Though, where is Australia!?

  20. I hate Quebec. Thats sort of like hating Canada.
    I also hate Burger King, Thats sort of like hating Canada.
    I hate;
    * William Shatner
    * Justin Bieber
    * Celion Dion
    That’s sortof like hating Canada.

  21. Yeah, well. We hate EVERYBODY.

  22. I think he’s waiting for Ireland to show up any minute.

  23. Okay, you can hate our beer, I don’t mind, I hate beer in general anyway. Look, we are good people that like to fight for what we stand for such as helping the people in need, trying to help those in foreign countries that cannot afford it and fighting for everyone to be equal.
    Slight problem, we have a shitty government who only cares about money and oil. They try to seduce us with their fancy words, but we know better. Except the ones they target the most in their “seducing” are those who immigrated here, enough to make the majority because our doors are fairly open so we can’t really complain and I’m not saying it’s their fault either, if they want to vote for what they think is the best for them, then let them, they deserve it as much as everyone.
    Just try to remember that we are not our government. If every country was the same as their governments, we would probably all be a bunch of shitty people, except for a minor few. So I don’t think it’s okay to say that you hate Canada and I don’t think it’s okay to say we’re the only ones that nobody hates either. Everyone is different and you can’t judge them by their countries.

  24. We are processing everyones invite

  25. Yes

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