This Is Just Not Fair

10 thoughts on “This Is Just Not Fair”

  1. That’s almost funny.

  2. Why do I think of Kauf Buch when reading underwear, drunk and walmart?

  3. @Depart better check with your counselor. Might be unconscious desir.

  4. Maybe you can help me. I wouldn’t discribe this as a desire… more like a feeling between fear and disgust.

  5. the good news:
    never go to Walmart again.

  6. Wow!
    What an amazing collection of skin and bones. On the other hand, if you measure them as women, then we are in deep shit.

  7. I see drunks walking around in their underwear almost every time I visit Walmart

  8. So you’re a walmartian too

  9. And these aren’t the worst. These still look healthy and have “round parts”. There is much more worse on the catwalk.

  10. That collection is adorable!! …And what colour shoes is the nice lady walking away wearing? Lol they are brown… :)

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