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  1. Second picture is more like “How Americans think NATO works”. But please, leave NATO. It will be intersting to see Russia and China dividing the U.S. territory between each other.

    • Probably along the Rockies. With Russia to the East. Obviously.
      West coast will go quick and provide stronghold for Chinese penetration. Americans will be forced into middle U.S. from both E and W. Caught between these powers the remaining American struggle is brief. Internal divisiveness among the American people is a major contributor to swift defeat. At this point Xi Jinping, Putin and Trump finally come forward and admit that they are actually “all in love with each other” and have engineered this war so they could spend “more time together as brothers” and “lovers”.

  2. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 4, 2019

    Well, it is true that some NATO members do not spent as much on defence as it was agreed. But in the case of my homeland (Germany) this should be noted with approval and joy. I mean, you do remember what we Germans do if we have to much of weapon stuff? And I say this as former conscript of the German Army.

    • The Good German March 4, 2019

      Some people just want to the the world burn.

    • The Good German March 4, 2019

      to see

    • Young man in a cryptodepression March 5, 2019

      Quote: “Well, it is true that some NATO members do not spent as much on defence as it was agreed.”
      From what we’ve seen in the few previous decades, they do tend to spend more on offense, than on defense.

  3. Actually America is more like the unhealthy, super beefed up dude in the gym, who’s constantly bearting his buddies (NATO) to invest a shitton of money in all the fancy gym stuff, martial art lessons and steroids, while they just want to maintain a built physique and a certain level of preparedness.
    But America has no ears for that, because affordable healthcare, housing and education is for liberal pussies who can’t afford a proper bar fight now and then with some brown people.

  4. Ah well. I always get the impression that the USA tell the rest of the NATO members who the baddies are and then they have to attack said baddie.

    • German Machine Gun March 5, 2019

      Our only purpose is to defend the American lifestyle.

  5. If your nation/state wants out, I’m sure the front door – or maybe the back door for cowards – is not locked. Just get up and walk out.

  6. Anonymous March 4, 2019

    The real message here is: Americans are so oblivious to how the world in general works, they don’t even know the difference between EU and NATO and confuse them when trying to make a funny meme about things they don’t understand

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 4, 2019

      Blatant generalisation. Many Americans do. And many people from Asia and even Europe do not know. And for everyone who says Americans don’t know how the world works – next time you go on a plane check what is written on the side of this plane. If it say Boeing you trust you life to a machine build by people who, according to you, don’t know how the worlds works. Aren’t you a brainiac!

    • Anonymous March 4, 2019

      An ape can be trained to build a plane without knowing how it works.

    • Captain Obvious March 4, 2019

      @The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut
      Did you seriously not get the joke? The post (most likely made by an American) shows the EU flag, which has nothing to do with NATO except some members are in both. How can I explain this to an American… It’s like using the using the X-Men in a joke about the Avengers, just because Storm was part of both of them at some point. The message of the post obviously points to American obliviousness. It has nothing to do with how many actual people in the USA know or don’t know about the distinction between EU and NATO.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 5, 2019

      @Captain Obvious Do you realise how patronising and condescending you are? Just the way you write: “Did you seriously not get the joke?” – No, because it fails to be funny and therefore is not a joke. “How can I explain this to an American…” – I am not American and just explain it to me or any person of any nationality in a calm and respectful manner. And please don’t use superheros – neither me or many Americans watch these kind of movies. Yes, many US citizens don’t know the finer details of either EU or NATO. So do many EU or indeed citizen of other continents. Can you explain the fiscal policy of the EU or the decision making process of the NATO in detail? I as a European get frustrated by the negative characterisation of US Americans as daft, self-centred and ignorant. Yes many are. But than many are not. The smartest person I ever met was an American girl I met during university who spoke about ten languages and made Lisa Simpson look like a moron. By calling other nations ignorant you unveil yourself as ignorant.

    • Anonymous March 5, 2019

      @ The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut | Just admit you missed that spot.

    • @The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut honestly dude. Read. Think. The comment didn’t call any other nations ignorant. It said the message of the post (showing the US and EU, but talking about US and NATO) was that Americans are ignorant because they made a post showing the US and EU but talking about US and NATO. You can’t deny that. It’s right there. The joke is obvious. It has nothing to do with how the author of that comment thinks about politics. You missed the point completely, just to rant off about something completely unrelated.

  7. @Captain Obvious: What an amusing moniker, considering your comment. If you had read Old Man’s post above you would know that his homeland is Germany. So much for your snark. Further, the US is one of only five NATO countries that meets or exceeds their amount of contributions set by the treaty. In fact, the US contributes nearly twice as much, which, considering that it is set by GDP, is by far the majority of NATO contributions. In 2017 the US NATO defense expenditure totaled 71.7% of NATO’s combined defense expenditure. Without the US NATO is nothing. The entire EU would be speaking Russian within months if the US would decide that they are finished with subsidizing Europe.

    Yep, that’s right, Americans DO know the difference between the EU and NATO, as well as the how much the two are tied together.

    • Americans pay more by their own choice. Because having a big army is equal to having a big p*nis. Same as the Russians. Primitive culture. …. At least we don’t get to see an orange president riding on a horse half naked.

    • Captain Obvious March 5, 2019

      The joke is that the author tried to do something and it turned out the exact opposite. Do you really not understand that? Do you know what comedy is? It has nothing to do with how the USA and NATO are connected in reality. This is about the JOKE.

    • Anonymous March 5, 2019

      @ BigR, you are forgetting that the USA spends big chunk of its military budget on parts of the world outside NATO’s interests.

    • @Anonymous Don’t forget the US wants to build a wall on the border to their neighbour and want that very neighbour to pay for it.

    • @Captain Obvious: You are, of course, welcome to own opinion as to the interpretation of this joke, as everyone else is. Oh, wait, you are one of the “if you don’t believe things exactly the same way that I do then you are obviously an idiot” crowd. Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt your delicate feelings.

    • @Captain Obvious:You can now retreat to your safe place.

    • Captain Obvious March 5, 2019

      @BigR what are you talking about? The author’s intent is clear by the post’s title. The fact that the author used EU interchangeably with NATO is not open to interpretation. The conclusion that the author is oblivious to how NATO works is logical. The irony of someone making a joke about people not understanding something whilst not understanding it itself is obvious.

    • Maybe he failed in finding the NATO flag… … …

  8. ItalianGuy March 5, 2019

    It is funny, Americans succeeded in hindering europeans attempts to create one unique army, something we talked about since the forties, because didn’t want to have any competitor, and suddenly complain about having weak military allies…

  9. Troubleman March 6, 2019

    I’m from Finland. Member of the EU, but not NATO. This image is very strange.

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