Does She Think He’s Stupid Or Something?

We all have heard of mansplaining, but womansplaining is also a huge problem in our society. It has gotten so bad that some women think they should explain to men that two is a bigger number than one.

Do you have any children? Yes, I have one that's just under two. I know how many one is.

15 thoughts on “Does She Think He’s Stupid Or Something?”

  1. 1 is an infinite amount of numbers away from zero!

  2. @Math jeanyus
    We are talking integres here, kiddo…

  3. intergres… uertags… inugets,… shehjdkdc
    I have a stroke…

  4. call 911

  5. Too expensive. Americans rather die before paying for healthcare.

  6. Yeah. Just shoot me.

  7. It’s the loneliest number… The sexiest is NC17.

  8. No you loser it’s 69.

  9. The funniest number is -8, it’s like a tiny pecker with big balls!

  10. You speaking with authority Math jeanyus?

  11. Before I forget, congratulations to Javier Milei the new President of Argentina. And congratulations to the people who made a stand and saved themselves from socialism. Let’s hope this catches one.

  12. So, Argentina is going to shit now. Neoliberalism will ruin it too. The 1% is drinking the good champ tonight.

  13. Well.. it was already shit and getting worse everyday. Now at least they have a chance. You can vote in socialism but you always have to fight your way out.

  14. It’s spelled “meth”, not “math”.

  15. The right is rising all over the world. Why? Because the left has gone completely mad. I can give no weight to what someone who doesn’t know the difference between a boy and a girl says. Sorry, you just an idiot.

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