Am I Ugly? Some Questions Should Remain Unanswered…

Have you ever wondered if you are ugly? How to know for sure? Here’s a great idea: ask your mom! Mothers always know best.

Mom, am I ugly? I told you not to call me mom in front of people!

14 thoughts on “Am I Ugly? Some Questions Should Remain Unanswered…”

  1. Justine Pierre Trudeau as a child.

  2. Mum and the school counselors got a little surprise for him to be her next doc appointment.

  3. See, this would never have happened under Trump.

  4. What..?

  5. Under Trump the kid would be dead. School shooting or covid.

  6. No they wouldn’t. Check your data, liar.

  7. Ugly and a short assed runt.

  8. … and so is Trump.

  9. Checked the data. He’d be dead.

  10. The only thing dead is your brain. Darn libtard wanting to wish harm on an innocent child. Shame on you.

  11. Canada would euthanize him.

  12. Only if the the little twerp gets sick, and ties up our delicate free health care
    Wanna pill, oops I mean candy, little boy?

  13. Ygor. Now that’s a true Canadian. Thanks for being honest and not trying to hide your pyhco blood thirsty nature.

  14. Talking to yourself again, moron?

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