Father And Son Bonding Moment



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  1. I’d suggest the curious “Bieber” haircut….

    • You never knew your father, right? Sad story. All true. So sad.

    • @Dat regardless KB’s life, are you a single mom family hater?

    • On the contrary, my dear Hein. I have the highest respects to such independent women.
      But I understand he is her burden and disgrace. All the mothers’ love in the world couldn’t fix that child.

    • Exactly! Get him a haircut!

    • Hein, Dat’s “issues” stem from his past growing up
      in a travelling mobile massage parlor van
      servicing the greater transvestite community.

    • Sorry, Kauf. We don’t have such things here. I think it’s an american thing.

    • Dat just can’t leave an APOLITICAL “Bieber” comment alone. Sad!

    • I usualy ignore the “Bieber”. At least as long as he isn’t posting here.

  2. Dr. Proctologist August 6, 2017

    4 out of 5 of us recommend preparation H for Dat’s butthurt

  3. lol. Women don’t care about looks. They fall in love with your attitude first, THEN suddenly think you’re sexy AF… even though they’d never give you a second look beforehand. ;)

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