Guys Watching UFC Fights

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

9 thoughts on “Guys Watching UFC Fights”

  1. Just another average American sports accomplishment!
    Well done”

  2. Those are the people that vote for Trump. Top sportsmen, fierce like special forces guys and irresistable lady magnets.
    One more burger and they are ready to storm the Capitol.

  3. Trump who?

  4. Trump, the guy who’ll be dead in 2024. Too fat, too old. Unhealthy lifestyle. … like his voting base.

  5. Derangement Syndrome on display.

  6. But Dirty Joe is healthy as a horse. A horse with dementia.

  7. “*ussygrabber” Donald’s dementia seems far worse though. Physical effects already visible.

  8. Yanks watch too many movies and mistake them for documentaries.

    They believe that they won WWII, despite staying out of it for as long as possible and quietly enjoying the horror occurring in Europe and China. They need their bloodsports to distract them from their shitty lives.

    The martial arts have a long and proud history. Americans turned a noble pursuit where the first mastery is the mastery of oneself into a spectacle to sell energy drinks. Their supposedly only “true combat sport” has so many rules that are soundly disregarded by any competent combatent that it’s a joke.

    Much like America itself.

  9. Canadian logic. And whats a “yank”? ..the horror occurring in Europe and China? Oh… thats right, even then The Americans were supposed to fight for countries to dumb or lazy to have a military. And what good did it do? They protect the free world and all they get is stabbed in the back by cowards holding their hands out for money. Stop taking their money and protection and we’ll believe what you say. Keep sucking the American tit and shut up. Be like every other country.

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