Two Brave Norwegian Guys Rescuing a Drowning Lamb

14 thoughts on “Two Brave Norwegian Guys Rescuing a Drowning Lamb”

  1. Awww…


  3. Good thing it was Norwegians and not some mooselimbs that saved it.

  4. Mooselimbs? What a strange way to spell Walisians. They do all kinds of things to their sheep, and I really wouldn’t recommend eating mutton in Wales.

  5. I bet those guys are braver than you.

  6. Nothin says lovin like halal from the oven!

  7. Anon… er, I mean FUBO,
    I do not care about your hatred, but that joke doesn’t even make sense!

  8. Why do they have a grill? They saved it then ate it? If that were the case, maybe the lamb was trying to get away from them.. which would have made them what kind of heroes? Full?

  9. Hi guys so I just read the commets u did and I think that Frank Enistien had the right to say that but on the side Frank do u have a girl friend I just looking for one cause ex is ugly with frecels

  10. U know Franks nunber

  11. They look Russian

  12. So the commets are cool

  13. I know this is very famous lamb fishing. Traditional Norwegian.

  14. I hope you meat eaters will DIE with Colon Cancer!!

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