Twisted and Funny Cartoons by Ben Chen


17 thoughts on “Twisted and Funny Cartoons by Ben Chen”

  1. Flirst!!

  2. Burn Strawman, burn!

  3. Look up.

  4. Guys that’s awesome!

  5. USAF, please google: “Six U.S. army helicopters lost in poland”. Thanks.

  6. Please tell me they are available in tee shirts!

  7. We don’t fly Army helicopters. Joke is on you.

  8. You fly nothing. You post stupid comments on internet. That’s all you do. OK? Cool.

  9. They are available in tee shirts.

  10. I’m sensing a butthurt troll.

  11. Me no like pictures

  12. You are “sensing” that you butt hurts? You have a special radar for that?

  13. Is USAF an acronym? Is that part of the joke?

  14. I don’t understand the pic with the dead samurai deer and tiger.

  15. Well, yes, USAF is an acronym. It stands for United States Air Force, and yes, it is part of a joke.

  16. What! Bomb! Someone catch those bomb before they hit the ground, we can use them to blast someone else.

  17. Just like the eagle mistook the playboy bunny as a rabbit so too did the tiger mistook the samurai for a deer because of his helmet.

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