10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter

Twilight is better than Harry Potter! There is no doubt about that. Here are 10 facts that prove it 100%. Scroll down and see for yourself!

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  1. Yes and he hated Twilight

  2. I completely agree with you! This person must be a first grader!

  3. Your English teacher must know how bad Twilight is and that’s why you got a C, Because when I turn in something late I can still get an A.

  4. Yes

  5. I’m eleven and I feel smarter too

  6. Like John Green, author of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars

  7. YES

  8. Honestly, I don’t see why there should ever be any debate as to whether Harry Potter is better than Twilight. Isn’t it getting kind of obvious now? Why would anyone waste their life trying to prove Twilight is better? Do a favour to humanity and jump off a cliff.Harry potter came out first….. Therefore twilight copied harry potter.
    It saddens me to see a post as stupid as this. By the way, I think your English teacher was insulting you!

  9. First, your spelling is absurd.Corrections: Elegant, Stephenie Meyer, swirl, recognizable, title, and author.

  10. Second, your reasoning is illogical and badly written. You did not address the characters’ personalities and traits. Third, Jennifer Aniston didn’t write Harry Potter. Fourth, you are a bitchy little girl like Bella and deserves to be dropped into the Pacific. Fifth, Twilight is sexist and romanticizes abusive relationships. Finally, Stephenie Meyer is a horrible writer that loves to use dashes and your English teacher was definitely insulting you and gave you a C.

  11. They did…

  12. I do not consider myself a Harry Potter fan, but your ‘legit reasons’ (Just kidding) are absolutely ridiculous and shallow. Remember that Rob Pattinson hated Twilight.BTW, Rob also played Cedric in HP and he likes it better than Edward. And you must be either joking or a stupid (Keep in mind that this is mild) little fangirl that has failed to graduate from elementary school.Jennifer Aniston did not write HP.

  13. Get away from me you filthy little mudblood. How dare you insult Harry Potter like that. You spelled Sirius name wrong and just because you don’t know the author doesn’t mean they are not famous. For example, I didn’t know the author of “Twilight” till a few minutes ago. Shame on you and your “legit” post

  14. I should have said muggle, even muggleborns are smarter that that

  15. You don’t even know what you are talking about. J.K.Rowling didn’t copy Twilight. It came out after Harry Potter. And the P in the Title of Harry Potter represents Harry’s scar. And there are also books in boxes even though I think the treasure chest is quite cool. If vampires can exist, why cant magic be real??? At least Harry Potter teaches independence. Bella just… Wait I forgot what she did.

  16. I know this is a joke :)
    I can’t hate twilight because I never read it :/

  17. here is why you are wrong (numbered correctly)

    1. boxes don’t have to do with anything about the books content. The “treasure chest” is supposed to represent the trunks they take to go to Hogwarts. And the Twilight one is a literal box

    2. Harry potter came out before Twilight.

    3. A swirrel (as you spelled it) does not have to do with anything. and the P is a lightning bolt after harry’s scar.

    4. Love jesus is the best you can think of. your “proof” is less than a coincidence.

    5. first of all that is not J.K Rowling. Secondly you probably got a C because of your writing. Thirdly her name is J.K because when it was published people did not read woman’s writings and it was to make her seem like a boy. Fourthly just because you did not know her does not mean she is not famous.

    That is my response

  18. I’m going to list the reasons why these are all wrong. It is not that I hate twilight, I have read it:
    1-The grammar is wrong. Before posting anything, please check that your spelling and grammar is correct, or else any other well educated brain will correct it, and it is just plain annoying. For example: ‘1 time the teacher said my work reminded her of steph’s. I was sooo happy.’ Please, write the author’s full name. Show your respect. The grades are written as capital letters, so its C, not c.
    2-Box sets and titles. Seriously, who would think that would affect the book’s plot? Like the famous saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” A cute swirrel? Please, that’s not even a word. It’s supposed to be swirl. Twilight’s logo is hard to read, while Harry Potter’s logo is has a better contrast. I know for a fact that you haven’t read Harry Potter yet and that just because you are a Twilight fan does not mean you have to find excuses just to say your fandom is better than ours. You need to get out of the pebble you live under and explore other books and fandoms. Twilight’s logo has nothing to do with the story, while in Harry Potter’s logo, the ‘twitch’ actually represents the scar Harry received after surviving the killing curse when his mother sacrificed herself, saving him with her love. The box is supposed to represent the trunk Harry uses to go to Hogwarts, while Twilight’s is just plain black, white, and red. For information, not all Harry Potter books are sold in boxes.
    3-Check that your sentences make sense and do not clash with each other. Like if the Harry Potter fandom can’t believe in magic, then why do you believe in vampires that sparkle? And btw pirates still exist
    4-Make sure your sources are correct. Twilight came out way after Harry Potter, so how did it copy Harry Potter? Unless Stephenie Meyer had a time turner, it’s impossible. You think Sirius Black should be black? Then why isn’t Jacob Black black? You are racist. Black is a common name. Also, the picture isn’t one of J.K. Rowling, it is one of Jennifer Aniston.
    5-Just because you don’t know about someone doesn’t mean that they’re not famous, it just means that you need to poke your head out of the pebble you live in and learn about the world. Your English teacher probably gave you a C because your writing doesn’t have more vocabulary, like Meyer’s, not just because you were late.
    6-Twilight means the time when werewolves and vampires come out, it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. In Harry Potter, do you see the word Hairy anywhere? Harry is a common name, and Potter too.
    I am really shocked to see what has happened to logic and common sense over these past years. Maybe you forgot about that when you were fangirlingabout sparkling vampires. Harry Potter teaches you about loyalty, courage, and determination, while Twilight shows that women are highly dependent on men, which is not true. Please take some consideration of actually relearning what you have once learned in 1st grade. Just do it. *sigh*stupid muggles…

  19. What is this?

  20. It saddens me to see such a stupid post. FYI, you write like Stephanie Meyer-with lots of weird grammatical AND spelling errors. Your teacher was insulting you.
    A Very Offended Bookworm

  21. “I got a c on the story
    because it was because it was late : (”
    I’m sorry, what kind of grammar were you using?
    Your story got a C because it was full of dumb errors.
    You signed off as LOSER. Ha!

  22. Non pensavo che il cervello umano potesse creare tali idiozie, personalmente penso che tu sia deficiente e che non abbia nemmeno letto o solo visto Harry Potter. Quindi per favore prima di giudicare a caso verifica meglio le tue fonti prima di fare queste figure discutibili, mi vergogno per te

  23. uh, people do realise this is most likely satire right?

  24. Ok, first of all, when you said that wizards are dumb and they dont even exist, what about werewolves and vampires? They are basically from the same world of wizards. Also, JK Rowling didnt copy Meyer, Meyer copied Rowling. Why? Because Harry Potter was written before Twilight, or is it that rowling can see the future and copy meyer? Also, the Harry Potter logo is much better than the twilight logo, just ask someone else. And Harry Potter isnt called Hairy Pot- if you think it is, then its very possible you dont know how to read. And JK Rowling is so famous- actually, it was until yesterday that i didnt know meyer. What about the author’s message? Meyer teachs people to pretend to be dumb and attract boys. Yeah, really useful. And Rowling teaches about love, sacrifices for others, friendship, and bravery. These two cant even be compared, but if you insist, Harry Potter would always win.

  25. “Twiglitght is better than Harry Potter, we were all thinking it?”. Surely you aren’t that stupid, right? Oh, sorry, you are. The “line which has a twitch multiple times on a row” or whatever you wrote is actually a lightning bolt that relates to harry’s scar. I mean, even my 8 month old brother knows that. Also, “omg dumb ppl belive in magic thats too much”. You are literally calling yourself dumb, because if you haven´t noticed, vampires and werewolves are magical, just like wizards. Not that you aren´t dumb, though. And I don´t think you learned how to write, because there are multiple grammatical errors which I won´t list because comments above have done that work for me, though I will highlight the most offensive one: Serious Black. Seriously, you don’t deserve to live (no pun intended). Also, you must be a bit blind, because the so called “treasure chest” is actually a trunk in which Harry carries his Hogwarts stuff. And Rowling didn´t cast ablack actor to be Sirius Black, yes, but what about Jacob Black? And you’re being rasist saying that he should have a black actor. JK Rowling stands for Joanne Katherine Rowling, but you’re too ignorant to know that. After all, you claim to not have known who Rowling is until minutes ago! And, personally I think Twilight is VERY gross, so I suppose that your mother found at least 15 bongs in your room. Just saying. And if this is a joke, not cool, and if it isn’t, I am 3000000% sure that you are the stupidest person on earth.
    Someone who thinks you’re stupid and a bit blind.

  26. Haha yeah this needs a medal of idiocy

  27. I agree. Twilight isn’t that bad but the post makes Twilight fans sound obonoxious

  28. ha, I agree with ya.

  29. you should have said something more insulting than muggle tbh

  30. I love ya.

  31. You. I like you.

  32. IKR

  33. I wish it is

  34. YES.

  35. You have got to be kidding, right? What does the boxes the books are sold in have to do with which series is better? You do realize that Werewolves and Vampires are magical as well? How could J.K. Rowling copy Stephanie Meyer if Twilight was written AFTER Harry Potter? If Stephanie Meyer was nearly as famous as you seem to think she is you would care enough to spell her name right. If J.K. Rowling is racist, then Stephanie Meyer is too. Why isn’t Jacob black? Twilight does NOT mean light, it is the time of day when it is not quite dark, but the sun is going down, it has nothing to do with Jesus. Even the ACTORS in the TWILIGHT movies think Harry Potter is better (Robert Pattinson) I know first graders who can write better than you.

  36. I like both Harry Potter and Twilight, but Harry Potter is about a million times better for many reasons, none of which have to do with the boxes the books are sold in or whether Stephanie Meyer was drunk when she wrote her g’s.

  37. that’s not ten reasons

  38. hell, that’s not even one reason

  39. Whoever wrote this post makes me want to give up on life.
    Smeyer butchered vampire fiction. FYI, Harry Potter came out years before twilight. If anything, Twilight copied Harry Potter. And what kind of racist worm believes that your skin colour needs to match your name? I have a friend named Indigo and last time I checked, her skin was NOT a tone of blue. And what does the swirl in the twilight symbol mean? Oh yeah, that’s right. The sinkhole is the plotless story of Twilight. Also, If I were given a gift of a boxed set of books, I would want a treasure chest, not a cheap cardboard box. In addition, forgive me if I say so (or don’t either way I don’t care) But there could be other reasons why ‘Twilight’ is the name and different meanings behind it. For example, Twilight is the time at the end of the day when the sun is on the horizon. This could mean the end of Women’s empowerment. Personally, I find there is nothing light or innocent about twilight. It Romanticizes abusive relationships and teen pregnancies. Its plot is less light and sweet, and more of a murky brown sludge. Lastly, might I remind you how many Harry Potter books have been purchased? At least 400 million more than twilight. It seems not everyone has a problem with J. K. Rowling’s initials. Honestly dear Idiot author, if anyone here is a biased, (probably racist) worm it is you.

  40. the pic of JK Rowling was Jennifer Aniston. and yall spelled Sirius wrong. also, “DOnt believe in magic, but Vampires exist” ? Harry Potter, always.

  41. 1. The Ho box set is not a pirate’s treasure chest, it’s a trunk that hogwarts students pack their things in
    2. Just because someone’s last name is black does not mean they are actually black, this is not racist. Also, Harry Potter 3 was released before Twilight 1, so if anything, Meyer copied Rowling.
    3. This is personal preference based, not fact (as well as the 1st). The “twitch” is a representation of Harry’s scar, which I think is a lot better than a swirl that has no relation to the Twilight Series.
    4. Your equation here does not check out, please check your vocabulary understanding of these words. In Twilight, Bella clearly states she is an Atheist, so this title is definitely not telling you to love Jesus/God. Harry Potter is just a name, also why are you suggesting having hair is bad hygiene? The last name Potter has nothing to do with drugs.
    5. That is not a picture of JK Rowling. Just because you haven’t heard of her doesn’t mean millions of others haven’t. No one is perfect.

    Overall this person needs to correct their grammar, get their facts straight, and come back when they’re not a daft dimbo.

  42. This is OBVIOUSLY written by a Harry Potter fan in order to make Twilight fans sound like they’re thick ( thick= dumb. For Americans). Comment section is full of oversensitive Gryffindors who didn’t realise that a Slytherin wrote this piece to make silly Twilight fans sound petty.

  43. Lol, guys, did anyone notice the “ten”? It literally went: Fact #1, Fact #, Fact #5, Fact #next, and Fact # last.

  44. LOL

  45. Ok first I just want to point out that Harry Potter was first published in 1997 whereas twilight was in 2005, so Stephanie Meyer would have copied JK Rowling. Second of all, who gives a damn about the box set? The Harry Potter box set comes in many different ways anyway. Third of all, Joanne Kathleen Rowling used the name JK Rowling as suggested by her editor so tha boys were more likely to read the books if they were not aware. So in conclusion, someone obviously did not reaserch their facts properly.

    Ps Ron says you are a bloody idiot I I do not entirely disagree with him.

  46. Omg lol 😝 someone can’t count


  48. Awesome 👏

  49. Go girl same who the hell is meyer

  50. I really hope this was a joke…
    The grammar is terrible, The picture of “J. K. Rowling” was actually of Jennifer Aniston and the whole title piece was completely wrong and made no sense. There were countless more mistakes, but I am not going to include them as others already have.
    As I already said, I really hope this was a joke.

  51. I think you are the only prideful one here. HARRY POTTER IS WAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT
    GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Lol of course

  53. Dont even mention Jesus badly in that

  54. If u insuulted jk rowling oh no u r ded my mqn

  55. Its bad to be drunk

  56. omg i remember commenting on this same site nearly 9 years ago :/

  57. Ummm, hate to burst your terrible Twilight bubble, but Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (the one with Sirius Black) came out in 1999 and the first Twilight book came out in 2005. So technically, Meyer copied Rowling. HARRY POTTER IS BETTER THAN TWILIGHT. But it is not better than Lord of The Rings.

  58. What the bloody hell did I just read?!?! This is physically making my head hurt with these horrible arguments. There are so many flaws in this that it is making me wonder if this person even READ Harry Potter.

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