10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter



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  1. *facepalm*

  2. What?what the? They are FEEBLE reasons to think twilight is better. I accept the fact that some people prefer it but that is no need to INSULT all of J.K Rowling’s work. Plus on the last one you said she’s not that famous. U know she is the ONLY writer EVER to become a billionaire. So my bet is she’s pretty famous.

  3. I’m going to make a list of reasons this article is absolute garbage. Ready? Let’s go!

    1. The author can’t count. Considering it’s a numbered list, counting is fairly important. If you can’t count, don’t make a numbered list. There’s 5 reasons, not 10. And you skipped over several numbers. You went “1, #, 5, #, #.” Also, # is not a number.

    2. The author can’t spell either. I understand using slang in a casual conversation between you and your friends (if you have any, although from what I gather by reading your article it’s doubtful) but it is not appropriate for articles, or any other form of writing. Not to mention the several misspelled words that aren’t even slang.

    3. Your reasons are completely invalid and moronic. Let me explain.

    – Your first reason: While the Twilight box set looks nice, this is completely irrelevant to the quality of the books. As far as the Harry Potter box set goes, that is meant to be similar to what they store quidditch balls in. It has nothing to do with pirates. Also, you pointed out wizards don’t exist. Guess what sweetheart? Neither do werewolves or vampires. And in mythology, werewolves don’t turn into dogs and vampires don’t sparkle.

    – Your second reason: Harry Potter did not copy twilight. Harry Potter couldn’t have copied Twilight because it came out before Twilight. Meaning, Twilight copied Harry Potter if anything. Get your facts straight. Also, the whole thing about not casting a black actor, is ridiculous. English last names come from lines of work, not race.

    -Your third reason: Both logos are nice. The P in Harry Potter isn’t a twitch, it’s lightning. You know, like the scar on Harry’s forehead where Voldemort attempted to kill him using the killing curse yet he survived due to his mothers love.

    -Your fourth reason: I don’t even know what to call this. There are no hidden meanings in the titles. You sound like a flat earther and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you are one. Twilight is not supporting Jesus. Twilight refers to nightfall, which happens to be when vampires come out. Harry is a name, a very common name. His last name, Potter. Is just that: a last name, again, a very common one. The line of work it is derived from is pottery. It is in no way related to drugs.

    -Your fifth reason: Being told you write like Stephenie Meyer is not a compliment, I can infer that the C was not just because you were late but because your writing sucked. Because your writing does suck, I know because I read this article. Also, considering J.K. Rowling is the first billionare author, I’m pretty sure she’s more famous. And her name? You’re going to use her name as a reason her books aren’t good? That is completely moronic and unreasonable.

    • # is the signal that stands for (number) i couldn’t even read the rest with the fact that you don’t know average 3rd grade math.

    • Don’t forget that the pic she used wasn’t even JK Rowling

      It was freakin Jennifer Aniston

    • Well said. 👏

    • THIS⬆️⬆️⬆️

  4. No way. Twilight came out later than HP. It wasn’t copied, it was the other way round. Twilight SUCKS

  5. Twilight what? Sorry i don’t speak dumb.

  6. Twilight.such a pathetic reason for a book.

  7. Harry Potter head January 15, 2020

    I don’t realy like this article. First of all twilight has too much romance and Harry Potter and Devon of all, J.k. Rowling is one of the top ten most famous authors and Stephany Myers isn’t.LOOK IT UP

  8. Guys don’t bully this person, she wrote some thing that’s better than twilight (lower case intended)

  9. Drarry forever February 26, 2020

    And I thought Umbridge was the worse person in the world…what the heck is Ron with brain?! Please don’t tell me you are being Sirius. Even Voldemort hates you!!! There wouldn’t be any Edward if there wasn’t Cedric! Harry Potter was his first movie as an actor!!! You are a foul, evil, little muggle and the wizarding world hates you!

  10. I am going to obligate you senseless, good for I’m not dark or else I will avada kedvra you

    • Anonymous April 7, 2020

      I will aid you in the avada kedavra-ing.

    • Potter Head June 3, 2020

      No no no! You’re gonna take give back someones soul! Besides its “AAAvada Kedavra!” not “Avada Kedavra”

  11. Slytherin Pride March 23, 2020


  12. Gryffindor March 24, 2020


  13. I wanna see J.K’s face when she’s reading this!

  14. Anonymous April 3, 2020

    Guys this is satire i cant-

  15. I pity anyone who hires you. You are quite clearly the stupidest being on Earth.

  16. J.K Rowling April 20, 2020

    whoever this is I’m sorry, but you cannot be Sirius

  17. If this isnt trolling…..honey im so sorry

  18. Anonymous May 2, 2020

    That last picture isn’t JK Rowling, it’s Jennifer Aniston.

  19. Anonymous May 27, 2020

    That’s all I have to say

  20. Anonymous May 27, 2020

    I am so surprised at the lack of information of the writer of this article.
    And he will never know love or friendship and I feel sorry for him

  21. Anonymous May 27, 2020

    Him or her whatever it is

  22. Best comedy I’ve read in awhile

  23. The Person whose opinion matters May 28, 2020

    I wanna say this person lives under a rock but that does not do them justice… they live under a pebble.

  24. Anonymous May 28, 2020

    I wish you could comment photos because I fixed this entire post

  25. #justiceforHP June 1, 2020

    True that

  26. #Hermione4ever June 1, 2020

    Honey, are you sure you’re not the one on pot? I mean, come on. “Hairy” from “Harry”. The zig-zag wasn’t an accident, it was to represent a scar, which in turn represented love and the way his mother was willing to die for him. Stop living in a pineapple under the sea and dreaming about glittery vampires. That’s just not gonna happen.

  27. Anonymous June 5, 2020

    No! Harry rules!

  28. Anonymous June 16, 2020

    Sirius Black is created in 1999, Jacob Black is created in 2004. How is Rowling suppose to copy Meyer? Using a time turner?

  29. Anonymous June 16, 2020

    J.K is just initials. If you get the original 1st edition Harry Potter books, it’s Joanne Rowling.

  30. Just A Little Potterhead Who Loves Cats June 17, 2020

    This article is PURE GARBAGE 🤦

  31. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    maybe you should READ THE ACTUAL BOOKS! Honestly, Sirius-ly?!

  32. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    Ugh, just another stupid twi-hard… honestly!

  33. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    Umm… So you’re saying that “Pirates don’t exist” now? Ok then…

  34. Fun fact: You’re an idiot.

  35. Anonymous July 9, 2020

    Pirates exist

  36. I state obvious facts July 30, 2020

    Ok, so ur telling me that pirates don’t exist? Also, twilight includes vampires and other beings that don’t exist, so what is the point of posting this article?

  37. I can’t even…

  38. I’m crying.. This is the funniest sh*t I’ve ever seen I can’t even- 🤣

  39. I can’t even with this article.

  40. Harry Hermione Ginny November 22, 2020


  41. Uh
    No not one of these again!
    Here we go again,
    Vampires and werewolfS are not real
    It’s fiction so is Harry Potter and no it’s not a pirate case it’s a quidditch case btw pirates exit too .
    How can have Jo copied Meyer in anyway ?!?
    Twilight was reassessed in 2005 and Harry Potter 1997 I think
    And explain to me how in the name of dumbledore it’s racist to not have cast a black character for Sirius also it’s SIRIUS not SERIOUS
    The logos the “twitch” on the P is Harry’s scar
    Obviously 🙄
    Harry is VERY common name
    Prince Harry ? Harry Styles?
    So is Potter .
    That Jennifer freakin’ Anniston not Jo
    She is obviously more famous then Meyer ask any stranger and they will know her
    Sorry to break it to you but I think your English teacher was roasting you when she said your handwriting was like Meyers you should have got a big fat F
    If brains were money you would be homeless

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