10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter


Twilight is better than Harry Potter! There is no doubt about that. Here are 10 facts that prove it 100%. Scroll down and see for yourself!


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  1. There are just 5 stupid reasons

  2. Mira A. Silver January 8, 2021

    Please respect the Harry Potter fandom. You should try reading Harry Potter. You will enjoy it.

    A very annoyed user.

  3. what do the boxes have to do with how good the books are? you just need reasons to think you are right.

  4. A PROUD POTTERHEAD January 15, 2021

    I’ll just say one thing ,( more than one actually) we get to know Sirius (not serious)on p.o.a which was published in 1999 Sirius was mentioned (with full name) obscurely in p.h which was published in 1997. And if Google is right, first book of twilight was published in 2005. So …….yeah, Sirius is definitely not a copy.

  5. Next time, at least spell my name right
    -Sirius Black

  6. There is just so much wrong in this

  7. if google is right then jacob black skin is russet not black

  8. Anonymous April 2, 2021

    This is why you stay out of this war and join Lotr gang

  9. Anonymous April 3, 2021

    CRUCIO,Engorgio Skullus, Sectumsempra,Serpensortia,Expulso,Fiendfyre Avada Kervadra!

  10. Potterhead❤💛💚🖤⚡ April 11, 2021

    1#The Harry Potter boxsets are cute and eficient.While a Twilight one would probably break after you drop it the hp wooden one would resist.And it’s more important to keep the books safe than how they look
    2#It’s Sirius not “serious”.First hp is older than twilight and second,how is than racist ?!Bc his make is Black?This is how he is described in books and he is an ANIMANGUS and turns into a black dog.And if this is racism,why isn’t jacob black???????
    3#Whats wrong this the logo?If u don’t like it we aren’t allowed to?For example,I like the hp logo more bc I think it’s unique and it kinda describes it with the lighting which is Harry’s scar
    4#I am a christian and I honestly can’t understand what do werewolfs have to do with Jesus.Some ppl can think at literaly anything:a lighting bulb,a lighting and more or some don’t think at anything.Harry and hairy aren’t the same word and idk who misspells Harry like that.There are hairy ppl who are healty and have a good hygiene.For your cousin(also,it’s potterhead no Harry Potter fan) not all potterheads are the same
    5#If u didn’t know abt her it doesn’t mean she is a bad author, and “Just kiding”?!.Google her once again and read smth this time.JKR put her time and dedicated her life for this while Mayer had a dream
    I’ll say a little more
    If u like twilight it depends in which team u are bc it is only one while potterheads are nice and accept each other even if they are in different houses,those houses fought TOGETHER in the final war.
    In hp Harry didn’t abandon hid friends after Cho or Ginny,they were there for eachother
    J.K.R. didn’t “erase” any characther after tha final fight thay all had an explained ending
    Hp teaches u to be independent,brave,to face ur fears,to stand up for whats right,to fight till the end,etc. while twilight teaches u to kill yourself after your bf/gf dumps u.
    In hp are also funny scenes
    Plz don’t post lies,k?



  12. Dobby, a free elf April 11, 2021


  13. A person who started readng cuz of harry potter April 13, 2021


  14. I hope this is a joke but somehow I do t think it is so it’s time to complain. First of all at least the Harry Potter boxes are creative and every single one of the books are treasures whilst with Twitripe it would be more fitting if the box was a garbage bag. Secondly or, as I should say #ly Sirius black was invented years before Jacob Black so Meyer probably copied Rowling or if your picture means something then the writer of Harry Potter is Jeniffer Aniston. Third of all the logos have nothing to do with the book and besides Harry Potter’s is better that Twilight’s anyways. Next of all what the galloping gargoyles! Of course Twilight isn’t about Jesus and Harry Potter’s name is genius because Harry Potter is a common name and Rowling puts what the book is about in the title so you can decipher the mystery with Harry. So now that my rant is done I just want to say that now I’ve lost all faith in humanity (thank you very much for that by the way.) I think I’m just going to read Harry Potter, goodbye and remember “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”

  15. That was rude. Maybe you should actually read Harry Potter. Plus, what was that typo: Serious Black? Well, you should seriously check your mistakes! It’s Sirius Black. And maybe you should respect the author and not make a joke out of her name.

    A very upset reader

    P.S. As well as a Potterhead. Yeah. I’m a Potterhead. Whether you like it or not.

  16. oh I did not know that because the marvel fandom(my fav by the way) is not as good as twilight because the marvel logo is big white letters while the twilight letters,to quote you “are unique and recognizable”. I hope you know that was a joke both my reply and your article. Thanks!

  17. Gertrude gertrude April 28, 2021

    Literally every argument you make is the epitome of illogical and desperate excuses. I would respect them if you made actual good points and criticisms but quite honestly you jump to conclusions, you disregard many details, and you resort to making fun of an author because of their name, and you’re statement of serius black’s name being “racist” makes you sound like the 2nd graders who would shout racist as soon as they heard me asking for a black crayon. It doesn’t add up. I didn’t even read all of your “reasons” because I would fear I would lose too many brain cells in the process. I acknowledge that there are flaws in both series, but that doesn’t mean I bash my least favorite series for reasons completely outside of the plot.

  18. U Gotta be kidding me. April 30, 2021

    OMG. You said that Harry Potter copied Twilight with Sirius Black. But… The Prisoner of Azkaban (the book in which Sirius is introduced) came out four years before the first Twilight book did… so you were wrong. If anything, Meyer copied Rowling. Because the Harry Potter books came out before Twilight. Also, with the box set, it’s iconic and perfect for all Harry Potter fans, because it looks like a Hogwarts trunk. But that doesn’t even really matter. Also, J.K. Rowling is actually a lot more famous than Stephanie Meyer, and I’m disappointed that you didn’t know that. J.K. actually stands for Joanne (i don’t know her middle name). So you insulted her real name. Also :( not all people are Christian u know. Also, Harry is an iconic British name. There are literally millions of people named Harry worldwide. And Potter is also an iconic British last name. And just because ur cousin took bong doesn’t mean anything. That was his/her bad decision. And pure does not mean Jesus. Sorry. And again. HAVE YOU READ HARRY POTTER?! It’s a kazillion times better than twilight. Joanne gives us relatable, strong, female characters; and wonderful characters with unique and relatable personalities. She gave us Hermione- a smart, strong, wonderful girl who taught us to be proud of who we are, and to be ourselves, and do what’s right. Bella taught us that we can’t be anything without a man. When Hermione’s boyfriend broke up with her, she stayed strong and helped Harry defeat Voldemort (a villain who’s way better than twilight’s stupid ones). When Edward broke up with Bella, SHE JUMPED OFF OF A FRICKIN’ CLIFF! WHO’S THE BETTER ROLE MODEL HERE?! And with the names- if someone sees the lightning bolt ‘p’, they will instantly recognize it as Harry Potter. If someone sees the twilight ‘g’ they will say “HEY LOOK, A RANDOM ‘G’!” not “TWILIGHT!” Besides, the ‘p’ is a tribute to the scar on Harry’s forehead. So you know, maybe read the content in the actual book before making stupid decisions.

  19. U Gotta be kidding me. April 30, 2021

    OOH AND! Bella gets everything she wants in the end- which doesn’t seem real. In Harry Potter there are parts of the book that make you cry; sacrifices, deaths, betrayals. The Twilight series is s**t compared to it. Also, the plot twists in Harry Potter are AMAZING! Twilight doesn’t even have one. Maybe one? I don’t know. The point is, you need to keep the readers entertained, not make them fall asleep.

  20. Extreme Potterhead April 30, 2021

    I put a bookmark on this page so I could see how people replied to my posts under ‘U Gotta be kidding me.’ I named the bookmark TDAEW- The Dumbest Article Ever Written.

  21. Hermione Granger April 30, 2021

    I have read both series, and, even the twilight books are not awful, they are not comparable to harry potter. Although, you can believe whatever that you want, and you have the right to express your opinion. No one will critisize you about this. But, what you wrote does not present even one good argument and it shows unreasonable hate to all the harry potter fans.
    I could explain why your arguments are illogical, but that was well- explained in many comments of the harry potter fans, and I thank them for that. Instead, I want to say you something else.
    Do you realise that you wrote was not an opinion, it was a personal attack. Most important, you attack to an author who spend years and years writing these books. Her imagination, her creativity, her writing skills went far away than you or me could have ever imagine. She is actually the most famous author in the world. And you think that you can moch her and make fun with her just because you don’t like her name! But, apart from her, you attack to millions of people of every age, every nation, every gender, who love harry potter, who have grow up with it and who see it as a part of their lives.
    Harry Potter is not just a good book series. It’ s another world that you can visit whenever you are sad, whenever you feel pressured by your problems, whenever you search for an adventure over your boring routine. And this world, the Wizarding World, is much more than the boxset, the logo and the title. Every single charachter in the story is necessary, hero or villain, student or professor, wizard or muggle, pureblood or muggleborn, Griffindor or Slytherin. All of them carry their own backstory, their own charachter, with their talents and their flaws, and they all together make a beutiful, exciting and extremely entairtaining story. They teach us how hapiness can be found even in darkest times, that it is our choises that show who we truly are, that matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be, that what is life without a little risk, that we must choose between what is right and what is easy. They show us that things are not just black and white and that it’s cool to be smart, okay to be strange sometimes. And, really, who cares that wizards don’t exist? It’s all happening in our head, but why that mean it’s not real? Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Sirius, Ginny, Snape, Luna, Neville, even Voldemort are still with us. Because the ones that loves us never really leave us. And we still search for their companion. After all these years. Always.

  22. Anonymous May 6, 2021

    light means sun, sun means fire and fire means destruccion-

  23. Anonymous May 7, 2021

    Thanks for making me laugh, I appreciate it

  24. Anonymous May 8, 2021

    #1 It doesn’t matter what something looks like as long as it’s good on the inside Somebody could look really bad but still be the nicest person ever looks don’t define anything
    #2 Rowling didn’t copy the name Black The Harry Potter books were made in 1997 and Twilight was made in 2005 and Just because he had the last name black doesn’t mean he has to be black
    #3 Just read #1 again
    #4 A NAME DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING She just decided to name him that and with your whole little “oh a family member who liked the books smoked and it’s the books fault” My entire family like the books but not one of us have ever smoked
    #5 The girl in the picture is not J.K Rowling and the name J.K came because her editor thought that a female writer might not be as appeasing to people and according to google, J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books have sold more than 400 million copies world-wide, compared with 53 million for Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series. So yes she is famous

  25. Anonymous May 8, 2021

    I just wanted to add the fact that The actor For Edward also played Cedric in Hp and even he thinks hp is better

    • Anonymous July 15, 2021

      And He himself admitted that he liked playing Cedric better than Edward.

  26. Anonymous May 10, 2021

    lmao everyone so mad without realising this is satire

  27. Anonymous May 11, 2021

    you should research before writing an opinion, especially is the opinion can be hurtful, or many, many people will think you are an idiot, or a troll, or that you have been imperioused, or made an unbreakable vow.

  28. Anonymous May 14, 2021

    Okay, this is it? These are the reasons why twilight is better? God, I pity you.

  29. u are so wrong.

  30. Anonymous May 17, 2021

    Ok are these your reasons because they are laughable I mean the picture u put of ‘JKR’ is actually Jennifer Aniston
    PS I’m a potterhead and we are the best!!!!

  31. Huge Potterhead May 24, 2021

    The reasons are horrible, Harry Potter is much better than twilight FYI!

  32. Anonymous May 24, 2021

    I bet I’m way younger than you and I can spell words way better than you. (I think all the reasons are very lame)

  33. A very mad Helga Hufflepuff June 2, 2021

    Hello! Just saying the picture you put of J.K Rowling was Jennifer Anniston, an actor not a author. Maybe do some research and autocorrect before you post something online. And, just because your cousin smoked weed doesn’t mean us potterheads do! That was a poor decision in their part and I hope they fixed their life in the future. As for the Sirius Black dilemma he doesn’t have to be black to be a great character. There are many great black characters described in the books and seen in the movies. Saying that J.K Rowling is racist is not fair and you need to do further research and find true articles and facts before you speak something that may not be true. I wish everyone would stop fighting about which book series better because everyone has their own opinions and options to read! Some people are diehard potterheads and some people are diehard Twilight fans! I like Harry Potter but that doesn’t mean I should attack the fans of Twilight.

  34. PROOF!

    • How DARE you cross out Hermionie's face July 14, 2021

      Of what? That Twilight fans (or at least one of them) are idiots? There are five reasons not 10 and none of them are valid. There are grammatical errors in nearly every sentence, just read this quote “OMG dumb ppl believe in magic, omg 2 much.” Tell me that doesn’t sound like someone still in elementary school. This person is either really young or really dumb owing to the fact that they make over-generalizations based on what is essentially no evidence. According to the author of these so-called “reasons,” because they know one person that smokes pot and likes Harry Potter, the books are using the word “pot” in Potter to promote drugs. Like.. umm… no. Potter is a common British name referring to the main character of the story. And Sirius Black isn’t racist if he isn’t black. Jacob Black is Native American not African. Black, like White, and Brown is a common last name. Seriously ya’ll sound like 1st graders.

  35. Anonymous June 8, 2021

    I like to acquaint your face with a material used in building houses repeatedly

  36. Anonymous June 10, 2021

    Everyone she’s just a stupid hormonal teen who wrote this what did that twilight author bitch told ya hide and some man will defend you and take your life after a breakup and wait for somebody to save you. Yo sweetheart harry Potter told us that childhood can be wonderful but you should grow up and fight your own battles
    A person who has sense

  37. Anonymous June 12, 2021

    I like how all the people who commented are potter heads just hexing the creator of this

  38. Anonymous June 20, 2021

    Please tell me this is a joke

  39. Anonymous July 4, 2021

    Well, A bit racist that we did not cast a black actor for Sirius black? excuse you. Well we have many more black actors than twilight: Dean thomas, Kingsley shacklebolt, Mundungus fletcher, parvati patil and padma patil. And by the way twilight is very gender bias and I don’t need to explain how and also there is socialism going in your story. The good characters are rich or upper- middle class the not bad, not good either characters are middle class and the bad ones are poor. Harry potter has good and bad characters from all sections of society what is this saying abt Stephanie’s morals?

  40. Not a twilight simp July 12, 2021

    Please honey.
    You are trying to prove that twilight is better than Harry Potter based on the titles, logos, and superficial elements. Not one reason has anything about plot, character development, or any element that contributes to a good story. A “nice swirl on the g” doesn’t make a slightly logical response for how twilight would be better than HP. The p has something actually representing the story, while twilight isn’t even mentioned more than once in the story.

    A gal who would gladly give the author of this article the lowest IQ score in the world.

  41. Anonymous July 14, 2021

    Okay, you have 5 reasons not 10. lol
    Reason #1:The “treasure chest” is Harry’s school trunk. Because Harry actually goes to and cares about school. Edward lived for over 100 years and all he did was repeat the same 4 years again and again. Bella ditched any opportunity at a college education for her (two) boyfriends and her teenage pregnancy. At least she finished high school, not that it mattered because it appears she is going to spend eternity being a housewife (even though I know people that have continued their education after having a kid in high school and they have been successful). She ditched any opportunity for a college education, or a career, or a life that doesn’t revolve around one single person and instead revolves around going on adventures, trying new things, helping others, and actually having a life that you can look back on and be proud of. so that says something about reason #4 aka the hidden meaning. The visual aid of the box sets of twilight have little to nothing to do with the actual plot of the book wheras if you look at each Harry Potter book there are scenes that are relevant to the plot.
    Reason #2 The first Harry Potter book came out in 1997. JKR was likely already thinking about creating the character Sirius Black by that time. In 1999 the book where Sirius Black was first introduced came out. Assuming that it took Stephanie Myer a really long time to “perfect” the twilight world; although if she had a brain any bigger than 300cc (very small considering that she is normal sized) it wouldn’t; then she would’ve gotten the idea right. after. the. book. with. Sirius. came. out. (sorry for the punctuation, I had to).
    Reason #3 The jagged line on the “P” represents Harry’s scar. What does the name “Twilight” even have to do with the plot? In addition, the font is entirely irrelevant when comparing the two books. Although, the fact that they included a major object with relevant influence on the story line in the font is creative on a level someone who doesn’t know how to spell elegant couldn’t understand.
    Reason #4 We’ve already established that twilight has little to nothing to do with the actual plot of the book. Twilight also means “two” light, or light that happens repeatedly, off and on. It is also not directly correlated with Jesus or Christianity, in fact fading or off and on light is often associated with epilepsy. Harry and Potter are common British names. It has next to nothing to do with drug references or references to bad hygiene. By the way, you spelled hygiene wrong, it’s “i” before “e” except after “c.” I think that your cousin made a mistake that, although immature, can be fixed through rehab. Addiction is a psychological issue and I think it is very disrespectful of you to downplay the importance of mental health or the positive influence of forgiving lifestyle crimes. I also notice that you compare the morals of the titles and not the actual plots of the books. Perhaps because you never read the Harry Potter books…
    Reason #5 Are you a minor under the age of 10 because I have never heard someone beyond the maturity of primary school tease another human being for their legal name. J.K. Rowling chooses to abbreviate her name as such because female authors are less likely to be respected in the fiction reading or writing community. This has improved in recent years but is still true. You also used a picture of Jennifer Aniston, not J.K. Rowling. As for Stephanie Myer, she has so many grammatical errors in her books and focuses on completely irrelevant elements of the plot. Such as how Useless Bitch aka Bella puts away groceries. When things in the Harry Potter world get off the topic of Harry versus Voldemort they are interesting and explore fun and creative details of the Wizarding World. What’s more, many things that may seem to stray away from the complicated web of Harry and Voldemort’s connection actually play a key role in our understanding of what happens to Harry in the end. For example, Dumbledore’s life story is related to the Deathly Hallows which are related to Voldemort and the Elder wand and why it never obeyed him. NOBODY CARES HOW A USELESS BITCH WHO LITERALLY CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT NOT ONE BUT TWO MEN PUTS AWAY HER FREAKING GROCERIES.
    P.S. if you are young, I recommend reading Harry Potter, there is still hope for you then slightly annoying miniature human. If you are old, I fear that your neurogenesis has slowed too much but neuroplasticity isn’t impossible until you die. Please read it, I was hesitant at first as well but in seventh grade when my good friends (who are still my friends today) pressured me to, I did it and I am so glad I did. It helped shape who I am today which is a person I am very proud to be. Please read it, it contains so many important morals and themes and no matter how old you are you will have a wonderful imagination afterwards. Good luck!

  42. #Proud Potterhead# July 15, 2021

    Well these were really dumb reasons and if you read Harry Potter throughly you will find out that the Black’s were great beauties. Even after spending many awful years in Azkabhan Sirius and Bellatrix were quite beautiful. If their Surname is Black doesn’t mean they have to be black. And Rowling was never racist. Sirius’s Animagi is a big black dog. And if you don’t know J.K. Rowling you won’t know the writer who earned the most riches in the world with one and only WONDERFUL SERIES.

  43. Anonymous July 17, 2021

    Everything is Harry potters title and box is very alluring and makes you feel this wonderful sense you just can’t shake off but I cant say the same for twilight. Harry potter came out earlier then harry potter so it cant be that we copied you lot. Third, Harry is a very popular british name so you’re insulting everybody out there called harry and also potter is a popular surname too. JK rowling is a very famous and kind millionaire but she lost that title because she donated so much to charity.

  44. Anonymous July 27, 2021

    This was definitely written by a 12 year old girl in her free time.

  45. DOBBY IS FREE!!!!! August 13, 2021

    TWILIGHT FAN SURELY WROTE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  46. Accio Sarcasm August 19, 2021

    Using Jennifer Aniston In the place of JK Rowling just shows how much you know to point out at the entire freakin fandom and books which is alive since more than two decades.

  47. The Potterhead in my friend group August 22, 2021

    Are. You. Kidding. ME?!?? Your points are offensive, unreasoned, and straight up wrong. J.K. Rowling is a wrighting genius and her least successful book made so much more than the most successful twilight book. The twilight series is stupid and basically teaches girls to be the lazy , weak, and stupid gf. Hermionie, Ginny, and Luna teach us to be strong, independent, kind, smart women.

  48. I mean, wtf?! I saw another post like this and it said that “Harry Potter has too much swearing, its too violent, Blah blah blah.” No one said Harry Potter was for kids! It is a young adult book and the points listed here are disgraceful. Twilight sucks and will always suck and it is so infiror to Harry Potter. AND DONT YOU DARE BRING RELIGION INTO THIS! IT IS AN EFFIN BOOK WAR, I MEAN. DISCRACEFUL!

  49. Harry Potter. August 26, 2021

    What!5 stupid reasons.why aren’t you dead by this time….avada kedavra. Now dead!crucio…. U will never learn the meaning of oour story and our fandom.. We are Potterheads and u are insulting us…. We love Harry Potter and it’s magnificent…. While twilight will never come in area of harry potter. And why u insult our author… It’s her name J. K. Rowling not just kidding… Do you understand…… U go and dead and remove this post.. Search on internet which is better coming with stupid reasons… ✌️✌️..

  50. A annoyed user😡😡 August 29, 2021




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