10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter



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  1. HP: defended January 25, 2018

    Have you even read the books?

    You haven’t even got your facts right.

    # It’s ‘Sirius Black’ (and he came first by the way!)
    #Not all the books are sold in chests and may I add, it looks quite cool- nothing wrong with it.
    #Why is it racist not to cast an actor for a character who’s surname is ‘Black’?! I think you need a dictionary.
    #The Harry Potter font is more recognisable than the twilight font.
    #The word ‘twilight’ has nothing to do wit religion.
    #The words ‘hairy’ and ‘pot’ are not in the series’ title.
    #And finally, you mere flobberworm, that is not JK Rowling!

    I think Umbridge could get some tips from you for stupid ideas.

  2. Oviyaa Thiyagarajan January 28, 2018

    Stephanie Mayer is U-G-L-Y

  3. twilight PWNED February 2, 2018

    First of all, this is written by the person who can’t even spell ‘elegant’ and ‘author and ‘swirl’.
    Second, Harry Potter came BEFORE Twilight.
    Third, Harry Potter has nothing to do with smoking pot and being unhygenic.

    • Nightmare Demon February 16, 2018

      You are a smart person. Thank you for siding with the smart people.

  4. Noh Sangeun February 2, 2018

    /clears throat/

    ‘# lastly, the authers’
    I shall not question the dubious usage of a hashtag. Therefore, I shall only criticise the lack of capitalisation for what is obviously a title, and the mistake in spelling. One _would_ believe that _authors_ is a fairly simple word that is easy to spell. This individual may have convinced us that this belief is misplaced, had it not been for the fact that 99.99% of the population can get it right.

    ‘stephenie meyer’

    Again, the capitalisation. If one cannot spell the name of her supposed idol, how can one expect others to have respect for said idol?

    ‘1 time’

    I would like to assert that ‘one time’ is a dubiously grammatical phrase. It is most certainly not the first choice for a rational individual to be utilised in an argument that is meant to be convincing.


    Please, do give English the respect it deserves. This person writes her argument in English, and yet insults aforementioned language with her lack of knowledge on capitalisation.

    ‘my writing reminded her of steph’s and I was sooo happy’

    If mentioned writing is one that involves absolutely no knowledge of grammar and lack of respect for elegant language, demonstrated by a ‘sooo’, I am obliged to disagree. Stephenie Meyer is, in and of herself, a fairly talented writer.

    ‘I got a c on the story because it was because it was late:(‘

    This individual again demonstrates her ignorance in the usage of language with the casual representation of the grade C as ‘c’, repetition, and lack of punctuation. The expression constructed solely from a semi-colon and a bracket does nothing to refute our belief that this person is an ignoramus who holds no respect for literature or language.

    ‘OK, first of all I didn’t even know the writer of Harry Potter till 5 mins ago. I had to look her up so obiviously she isn’t even really that famous.’

    This individual presents her argument poorly, with informal language, such as ‘OK’ and ‘mins’. In addition, she continues her blatant assault of grammar, with another mistake in spelling.

    ‘2nd of all, what kind of name is “J.K.”?! Just Kidding?!’

    If one wishes to number her various statements, one might attempt consistency in the representation of the numbering. If one uses the word ‘first’ to label her first statement, it would be more pleasing, grammatically speaking, if one uses the word ‘second’ for her next statement. One would also be led to believe that the use of an exclamation mark immediately after a question mark – or indeed, anywhere – in an argument is rather uncalled for. In addition, I am obliged to ask, what, or who, precisely, granted this individual the authority to taunt another based solely on the name she chooses to go by? The initial ‘K’ in J. K. Rowling’s name was taken from her grandmother’s name, in order to conceal her identity – and therefore her gender – further in a period when prejudice against her gender as an author was prominent, as far as my knowledge goes. Should it prove to be faulty, I seek your understanding.

    ‘What are u just kidding about? “lol, I wrote a great series about wizards, J. K. it sucks”

    Yet again, this individual’s knowledge of the English language is proven to require improvement. The informal ‘u’ and ‘lol’, combined with -yet again – the lack of capitalisation, sketches the image of a poor linguist.

    ‘you think she could get a little more creative, right? LOSER’

    I am sincerely curious as to what exactly this individual suggests J. K. Rowling ‘get a little more creative’ about. One would be led to believe that she is speaking about J. K. Rowling’s name. However, it must be remembered that one cannot choose her own name, nor indeed what society chooses to be prejudiced on. In addition, ‘LOSER’ leads this poorly constructed argument to end on a dubious note, as well as strengthen our belief that the person is not well versed in language.

    Lastly, the photograph that supposedly features J. K. Rowling is not, in fact, of said author. If one cannot be bothered to research her argument thoroughly, I am professionally concerned that she may fail to convince her listeners.

    Yes, I did read the comments of Hufflepuff for Life! and I agree. It is all right that this individual may not like the Harry Potter franchise as much as some, including myself, it is not, however, acceptable to demean others for their preferences. However, I would like to add on that this person may have been crossing the line in insulting certain things about Harry Potter for irrational reasons.

    Postscript: I am a twelve-year-old whose mother tongue is far from English. Please do not criticise my writing unduly. I would love constructive criticism.

  5. What was that? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of MULTIPLE Harry Potter theme parks

  6. Anemones Hp fan February 10, 2018

    This Is a Troll

  7. I’m not even mad at this due to how stupid it is and it’s probably a joke anyway……. I hope

  8. The Defendant February 16, 2018

    I sincerely hope this is a troll because otherwise, I will be very disappointed in the human race.

  9. first off harry potter came before twilight and if you want you can look this up the first harry potter book came out in 1977 while twilight was 2005 so who came first 1977 or 2005. second i feel like you are just looking for the most stupid reasons that twilight is better because you don’t juge a book by the authors name. i have no idea how much twilight made but J.K Rowling made 7 BILLION oh wait twilight made 1 billion thats a 6 billion diffrence. i only read a little of your ‘argument’ to get all of this and J.K rowling did not pick the people cast in the movies so if you want to argue this find the DAMN FACTS FIRST. we have our own ideas but if you want to make yours fact please actually use real damn facts

    • oh and look up this please ‘what does harry potter and twilight teach girls’

    • Yesssss Harry Potter is better than Twiggligh

  10. twilght sucks and so does you

  11. You know another reason you got a C on the essay, your writing reminded the teacher of Stephanie Meyer’s writing.

  12. Actually, I think it´s all just trolling, because…c´mon, all arguments, why twilight is better than HP are so poor.

  13. Speechless March 5, 2018

    There’s only 5 reasons, and none of them are why the stories are better. Wow.

  14. To whoever made this:
    Hello, dumbest person who ever lived!

  15. I really wish this is written to be satiric…

  16. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.If your going to go on about why twilight is better at least get your facts right.

    • Ravenclaw Sorcery May 15, 2018

      I mean,Serious Black?

      (Why must you hurt me in this way)

  17. Slytherin April 2, 2018

    I wasted three minutes of my life in reading this waste.

  18. You got an Outstanding for embarassing yourself

  19. Various authors April 12, 2018

    “Best read on the internet” me
    “Couldn’t stop laughing” my friend
    “Embarrassed my fandom” My Twilight loving-Harry Potter verses friend

  20. nooooooooo get off the internet

  21. Okay, this is offensive, not only because I love the HP books, but also because my last name is Potter.
    I am NOT a pothead, if you should know.

  22. Rita Skeeter May 2, 2018

    The reason you got a c was because you write like stephanie meyer.

  23. Godric Gryfndor May 3, 2018

    I’m seriusly worried for your education.
    By the way, your making fun of someone’s initials.
    Oh and i assume you know that hermione grangler teaches us education is important
    and that twilight is about the importance of haing a boyfriend.

    • Gred | Forge | SlytherinChild May 17, 2018

      I do realize that this article is terrible, but Twilight is more then that. (Also the rest of the fandom would love to offer you the idiot who wrote this article as a sacrifice!) – Sincerely, The Twilight and HP fan

  24. RIP Twilight May 4, 2018

    This kind is horrible. You could give Umbridge lessons,but wait , she is smarter than you!!!! You only like taillight because Edward SPARKLES!!!!!

  25. Hufflepuff May 16, 2018

    1. The box is related to the book and holds the books better.
    2. HARRY POTTER CAME FIRST! And Jacob isn’t black so is Stephanie Mayer racist too?
    3. The Harry Potter font is actually related to the books and nobody would recognize the Twilight font with any other word!
    4. The name Twilight isnt even related to the book. Plus vampires are unholy so if that is the meaning, its sinful.
    5. That isnt JK Rowling! That’s a character from the old TV show Friends! Derp.
    6. Have you even read Harry Potter. Obviously NOT! And I have read both Harry Potter and Twilight and may I just say GIRL PLEASE!

  26. Gred | Forge | SlytherinChild May 17, 2018

    Did they say something about magic not being real? We know it is, but neither are werewolves or vampires. (Technically they aren’t werewolves but i don’t know what to call them!). P.S You disgrace the fandom

  27. Background Slytherin May 19, 2018

    Oh please muggle, at least TRY to educate yourself before trying to attack the largest fandom on the internet. If you had even had anything with worth or an opinion that wasn’t extremely selective and biased you still tried to insult the HP fandom and the goddess of writing. Please clarify how a flimsy ‘modern’ cardboard box has more aesthetic than an actual book chest. Another reason that this opinion is worth a flobberworm, SIRIUS Black was written before Jacob, and FYI it is in fact Remus Lupin who is the werewolf. Yeah a twitch, with absolutely no meaning or imagery to a lightning bolt in this book? Sure keep grasping at straws. HAIRY POTter. Really? Is that all your non-magical mind could come up with? And now you are pulling religion into a book about vampires? And finally in the hopes that no other person will ever be this stupid, are you honestly discriminating the author ( by the way, learn to spell) with her initials? Do some research, find accurate information and images and finally, stop dragging these fandoms through the mud.
    (Post script: is there an official spell to deal with stupidity?)

  28. AnniaTheGreat May 29, 2018

    Well, at least give them the credit that they didn’t use “Edward is so hot!!!” In their reasoning. Either that or “Harry isn’t really hot and that’s not good” like I have seen in several different presentations like these. I’ve still lost like 94% of my faith in humanity

  29. Nightshade June 1, 2018

    To whoever wrote this:

    Must be hard having such a thick head but only one brain cell.

  30. Ignore me June 9, 2018

    wHaT tHE hEck iS tHIs?

  31. magik_sheeno June 10, 2018

    IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THESE TWILIGHT FANS?!?!? they need help. they’ve been so consumed on dumb, petophiliac romance that they don’t even know how to spell regular everyday words. i’ve read the harry potter series 4 times, and i’ve learned so much. the books are, yes, not a love story, but a story about love, overcoming difficulties, and so much more. the twilight series does nothing but teach that girls are nothing without a man, and looking good is everything. bella doesn’t even have a good storyline herself. she’s the most boring character EVER. in harry potter, every character has their own unique story, that J.K. somehow (and beautifully) weaves into the story and makes it an important part of it. i’m getting sick of you twilight fans swooning over a sparkly vampire. i’m twelve and i still feel smarter than you

  32. Ugh twiahrds suck dont they? First of all, Its a trunk, not a treasusre chest. Second, Sirius was there first, you bucket of slime drool. third, Harry potter is better than twilight!!!!!!!

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