10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter



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  1. Poor thing. Where’s ur common sense? Lost it while swooning over Edward?? Because he SPARKLES??!! HA

    • I refuse to belive this idiot is real

    • twilight is well better the H.P. Wheres ur common sense lost it while swooning over the ugliest being on the earth harry?

    • Yes this “idiot” is real and is giving u the hard truth and btw I’m 12 and have more common sense and taste than u

    • What matters most is on the inside not the outside. So, I don’t give a shit that Edward was pretty,since it does not matter. At least harry has a golden heart.

    • SLYTHERIN QUEEN October 15, 2019

      YOU ALL KEEP SAYING TWILIGHT IS BETTER BUT YOU NEVER GIVE A GOOD REASON!! No one cares that Edward is good looking. If someone isn’t pretty does that mean that they don’t matter? Just because Edward is hot and suddenly he is the most important being ever!!! Logos, book sets and false facts aren’t good enough reasons.

  2. The most stupidest thing i’ve ever seen and i’m not even a fan of both books but this exceeds all stupidity.

    • I think this is sarcastic 😂😂

    • I LOVE Harry Potter and I showed this to my friend and we both died over the stupidity of this person like LOL!! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. This is so funny I died XD it’s a joke right? It’s so dumb

    • This has to be a joke because if it isn’t this person seriously needs to do their research and be sent back to school.

    • Anonymous March 7, 2019

      I pity the parents of this unfortunate child

    • Anonymous May 31, 2019

      I am over 90% sure that this is a joke. If not, dear lord, give me patience. Or an ax.

    • ikr

  4. That was absolutely hilarious. No seriously if that was serious (please don’t make it be serious) you definitely have a negative IQ or something but as a joke it was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious

  5. No. You got a c because your grammar and spelling is worse than the person you hate

  6. Luna Lovegood October 30, 2018

    You must be kidding me. Harry Potter is so much better than Twilight! Harry Potter books have sold almost the double more than Twilight books! And if your fussing about designs, you are a bit crazy and obsessed. The least successful Movie of Harry Potter profited about more than 9 Million Dollars than the most successful Twilight movie. Robert Pattinson hated being Edward Cullen anyways. Also, Stephenie Meyer copied J.K. Rowling. And she is “racist” too, then. Twilight promotes Teen Pregnancy, “I’m nothing without a Boyfriend”, “I should kill myself when I and my Boyfriend breakup” , should I go on with how sexist Twilight is? The storyline is terrible and obvious, too. Your Grammar is terrible and your teacher said that it was similar to Stephenie’s because you don’t have good vocabulary. Be happy with your unoriginal fandom and your drug- using cousin.

  7. And J.K are not her initials, because her name is Joanne and she thought of her grandmother when she put the K, for Kathrine.

  8. I do hope that this person is trolling

  9. Harry Potter forever November 5, 2018

    Uh…..you do know that Harry Potter came out in 1998 and Twilight in 2005? Also the picture you put isn’t of JK Rowling. And Harry Potter teaches you about friendship, love and bravery.
    All Twight teaches you is to marry a Vampire and jump off a cliff. Btw aren’t Voldemort and Bella similar? I mean, they both want to be immortal. Just saying!

  10. Btw, Stephanie Meyer uses ‘greenly’ in her writing.

  11. Soz if I’m mean November 5, 2018

    The person should’ve gotten an F on there report. You do know writing like SM is bad?
    Do u want me to go to the grocery store to buy u a brain?

  12. Potter heads will Neville Give up! November 15, 2018

    Potter’s all together now, aim! AVADA KEDARVA!

  13. Ye boi was mean. He sorry. November 18, 2018

    1. Oh really? u don’t believe in magic? then y even think about vamps and werewolves?
    2. Harry potter came out EARLIER than twilight, so Stephanie is actually copying Harry Potter. Also, y wasn’t Jacob black played by a black person then? ur the racist person
    3. the logos, are u serious? i think twilights’ is harder to read
    4. if twilight means light and Jesus, y there vampires and werewolves and all the sort of things that Jesus doesn’t even allow?
    5. Stephanie Meyers is probably more famous because of the dates the books came out, and the newer books usually become more famous than the old ones. Also, whaddya think about the copying and creativity, huh? ‘Edward’ and ‘Bella’ and at least JK Rowling had the decency to think of good spells and names.
    Lastly. U can’t count. #10 reasons? nah it was five. Or maybe u couldn’t give more ideas on criticism for Harry Potter.
    im sorry.

    • I completely agree. I really hope she/he was trolling cuz if not she has a negative IQ

    • i can think of another idea of criticism for harry potter its sh*t

    • SLYTHERIN QUEEN October 15, 2019


  14. Extremely confused November 24, 2018

    Umm, did you fall off a cliff and hit your head? Is that how you, in the words of Fred Weasley, May he Rest In Peace, suffer such extensive brain damage? Did you smoke the marijuana, too? Are you high? What is that peace of utter garbage that I just read? As you can tell, I’m a Hufflepuff.

  15. Bruh, what? A) Harry Potter came out first…so Meyers copied Harry Potter. B) Not all of us believe in Jesus. C) Um, Twilight literally doesn’t even have a capital in the logo. D) Meyers is literally named after Mayonaise. E) Seriously? Twilight has a better name? It’s literally named after that sparkly pony in My Little Pony! F) You have sparkly vampires and giant dogs.

  16. Gnats tzbstbstsbst December 7, 2018

    No offence, but u spelt a lot of things wrong. Plz stop writing like Stephanie Meyer

  17. A human somewhere January 8, 2019

    I refuse to believe this idiot is real

  18. You spelled authors wrong. Also that is not J.K Rowling, it’s Jennifer Anniston

  19. Did you know that PoA was relased before Twilight? No? That explains much.

    • also sirius black was mentioned in the 1st book, when hagrid says that sirius lent him the motorcycle

  20. Not an alien February 24, 2019

    That wasn’t J.K Rowling though😂

  21. WTF is this
    Are you high or somin

  22. Don’t tell me you exist

  23. I pity whoever raised this supreme idiot.

  24. Anonymous May 5, 2019

    Didn’t Harry Potter come first. I looked it does

  25. Anonymous May 6, 2019

    I sincerely hope this was a joke, my friend

  26. UM? I was unaware that our QUEEN was actually Jennifer Aniston? And that Sirius was described as Black in the books, which the Harry Potter movies (which Gary Oldman, a fantastic actor), were based off of?
    Please tell me that this is a joke.

  27. Please tell me this is a joke…

  28. Anonymous May 8, 2019

    Also it’s not serious black, it’s Sirius Black. Get it right

  29. Very Upset Ravenclaw May 15, 2019

    Harry Potter books are some of the most famous books ever written. Twilight has no plot and no lovable characters

  30. Anonymous June 1, 2019

    Ya know that’s not how you spell Sirius right?

  31. Anonymous June 5, 2019

    I seriously hope that you read these comments.

  32. why does everyone forget about Hokey the house elf? June 10, 2019

    i really hope this is a joke cos if it isnt then i fear for the human race

  33. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    first of all, that’s 5, not 10.
    second of all, please do research before making such things
    third of all, crucio

  34. Anonymous June 20, 2019

    with the amount of incorrect things in this article I could right a book series better than twilight. Lmao

  35. Anonymous July 10, 2019

    don’t want to cyber bully but this deeply shocks me that someone could think so much crap, I mean Steve King even said that Meyer can’t write worth a damn. BOOM.

  36. Anonymous July 17, 2019

    I actually laughed out loud (which I never do when I type LOL). This was obviously a joke and it cheered up my day. Who wrote this? xD

  37. Harry Potter has ” modern eligant(elegant) clean cut, fancy, to the point ” boxes too. Who cares about boxes anyway?

  38. yall who are mad at this: wooooooooshhhh

    • Whoever made this Article, I siriusly hope you’re mind is in the Right Place.

  39. Honestly, whoever wrote this is worse than professor umbridge

    • No argument here

    • Hmm, that’s saying a lot. Since umbridge is so bad that literally no hp fans can list good points about her. Perhaps we can now since we read this article.

  40. A proud hufflepuff muggleborn September 17, 2019

    Excuse me, we harry potter fans take harry potter seriously. Please do not shame our queen J. K Rowling. And please please check your atrocious spelling before posting. Seriously, SERIOUS BLACK!? And please do get your facts right.

  41. FYI Harry Potter can first around 80’s or 90’s, twilight came during 2005. This Is Riddikulus

  42. Everyone try taking the love triangle in twilight.
    What do you have left? A girl living in a rainy neighbourhood. This is why we most people like Harry Potter more.

  43. Oh please, even the least earning hp film
    earned more than twilight
    So , just cry a river ,build a bridge and get over it.

  44. Your joking right? The box sets have nothing to do with the book and the Harry Potter is more exciting and durable, unlike the trashy twilight one that will probably break the next day. HOW COULD J K ROWLING COPY STEPHANIE IF SHE WROTE HER BOOK BEFORE HER? HMMMMMM!! Sorry, but us potterheads can’t tolerate nonsense. And, by the way you are being racist by saying that sirius black should be black, because his name isn’t literal. AND THE LOGOS! Seriously?!?!? THE LIGHTNING STANDS FOR HARRY’S SCAR, OKAY!?!?!? Check your facts before you say something!! And by the way you put the wrong pic for JK Rowling. She’s an amazing author, and you shouldn’t just diss her cause you like Twilight. Maybe you should try to give GOOD REASONS next time!

  45. Harry Potter- published 1998
    Twilight- published 2005
    Technically, Twilight copied Harry Potter.
    Also you spelt elegantly wrong

  46. Robert Pattinson himself said he’d rather be Cedric and not Edward

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