10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter


Twilight is better than Harry Potter! There is no doubt about that. Here are 10 facts that prove it 100%. Scroll down and see for yourself!


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  1. There are just 5 stupid reasons

  2. Mira A. Silver January 8, 2021

    Please respect the Harry Potter fandom. You should try reading Harry Potter. You will enjoy it.

    A very annoyed user.

  3. what do the boxes have to do with how good the books are? you just need reasons to think you are right.

  4. A PROUD POTTERHEAD January 15, 2021

    I’ll just say one thing ,( more than one actually) we get to know Sirius (not serious)on p.o.a which was published in 1999 Sirius was mentioned (with full name) obscurely in p.h which was published in 1997. And if Google is right, first book of twilight was published in 2005. So …….yeah, Sirius is definitely not a copy.

  5. Next time, at least spell my name right
    -Sirius Black

  6. team twilight sucks February 23, 2021

    let’s count the cool things bella did
    1. she gave birth to a cute little girl
    2. idk
    3. ……………………………………..
    4. well that’s it really.

  7. idk what to put here February 24, 2021

    i am repling to someone up there in the reply of the first comment
    just okay I am TEN I have NOT read the twilight books OR wached the movies and I know it sucks AND I have read the harry potter books and wached the movies several times

  8. Potterhead Forever February 27, 2021

    1. It is Sirius Black , not ‘serious black’
    2 .Secondly ,Sirius’s character was mentioned first in P.H (1997) , and if Wikipedia is right ,
    Twilight was published in 2005 , so FYI Sirius is not a copy , but Jacob black is .(lame
    3. ( I can go on forever ranting ) , the ‘p’ in ‘Harry potter logo signifies Harry’s Scar on his
    4. the cover of the book never says how good a book is .
    5. pls do a bit of research when u do such articles , because , That is NOT JK ROWLING ,
    – A Very Annoyed Potterhead

  9. First of all check your spellings and grammar. Its ‘Author’ not ‘auther’. Second the points you have given are rubbish. Third the picture of JK Rowling is wrong. And fourth crucio. Fifth Avada kedavra.Your lies are worser than the twilght books and movies. You know what I ship you with a dementor and I just can’t wait to see your first kiss. bye~

  10. Proud Potterhead March 4, 2021

    Right ok, there are several reasons why you are completely wrong:
    1. right umm so, that’s Jennifer Aniston, not J.K. Rowling and it stands for Joane Kathleen.
    2. Sirius Black’s full name was first mentioned in 1997 and the first Twilight was published in 2005, so yeh wrong way round.
    3. as far as I’m concerned it’s Sirius, not Serious and Jacob BLACK isn’t black either so shut up you racist.
    4. The P in the logo signifies Harry’s scar.
    5. You say wizards aren’t real, I’m sorry I forgot vampires were real, when did you last see one huh?
    6. Don’t judge a book by its cover, you loser.
    7. Umm, even ROBERT PATTINSON agreed that he would rather play Cedric than Edward and he prefers Harry Potter.
    -A proud potterhead-

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