10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter


Twilight is better than Harry Potter! There is no doubt about that. Here are 10 facts that prove it 100%. Scroll down and see for yourself!


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  1. Real dissapointed at us twilight fans October 14, 2021

    Personally I am a twilight fan BUT THIS IS NOT why i prefer twilight

  2. I always win arguments. October 23, 2021

    This is so bloody dumb, I don’t know what to say anymore. Like, please, this post made me laugh, in the worst freaking way. Even Twilight fans would feel ashamed at your illogical argumemts. And for your information, it’s Sirius Black, and that ain’t racist you brainless mudblood. Also, you critcized the Harry Potter series saying wizards don’t exist, then does that mean vampires and werewolves are real? Like, I didn’t know tise extent of sheer dumbness and idiocy could exist before I saw this. And I was like Holy cricket how has this person not drowned in dumbness yet! And J.K. Rowling is the most famous author in the world. Know the facts before you speak mudblood. Do not even breathe near me, I fear you’ll infect me with your dumbness.

  3. Proud Ravenclaw November 15, 2021


  4. Proud Ravenclaw November 15, 2021

    Also, even if it does (it doesn’t) promote Jesus’s name, that makes it worse.
    I’m a Hindu and a Potterhead

  5. this is a joke, it’s not a good joke but still, a joke

  6. HufflepuffQueen November 17, 2021

    The greatest act of idiocy the world has ever seen, ladies and gents!!!

  7. HufflepuffQueen
    Hey you!! Do? You know which is the poop story twilight!!!

  8. Proud Ravenclaw November 17, 2021

    Sorry! @HufflepuffQueen is my sister and she accidentally wrote her name in the comment section instead of the name section in the comment above. And her first comment was done by me.

  9. I like both Harry Potter and Twilight and I can say that this is completely absurd reasoning. The title meaning part is quite insulting to both authors. Also, I know kids who write better than you.

  10. Honestly, this person makes Lockhart look like a genius.

  11. And since when has Jennifer Aniston been JK Rowling?

  12. This is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. Twighlight came after hp and if anyone copied, it was stephanie meyer. you spelled meyer wrong btw. AND THATS A PICTURE OF JENIFFER ANISTON YOU IDIOT. Oh also i think you are drunk

  13. slytherclaw January 4, 2022

    Wow…just wow
    I can’t believe that you can determine how good the book was just by the titles and book sets.
    J.K.Rowling publish her book before Stephanie Meyer. BTW other character in other books series have the last name of black too.

  14. I’ve always thought that Bella was a mary-sue.

  15. bella silver January 18, 2022

    balls in yo mouf

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