Turtle Shadow: Pretty Awesome Special Skill

Making a turtle shadow is actually a very in-demand skill in the job market. Other highly highly sought after skills include proficiency in speaking fluent gibberish, imitating the sound of a dial-up internet connection, and sculpting intricate structures out of chewing gum.

Do you have any special skills? Look, a turtle!

25 thoughts on “Turtle Shadow: Pretty Awesome Special Skill”

  1. That’s more than president Trump was able to do during his “regency”.

  2. That’s not true, he played some golf and wrote some nasty messages on Twitter! That’s two things he did!

  3. But those can’t compete with a turtle shadow. Be reasonable.

  4. Iran has to be totally shocked. Usually when Biden sends a big plane their direction, it’s loaded full of cash… 🫣

  5. Turtle shadows are the next big thing. Soon we will be inundated with
    thousands of imitators.

  6. Rightard fantasy cash.

  7. Adams and not-FJB-Brandon are having their own problems with the special-skill-crowd. Embrace the Suck.

  8. Didn’t know cnn, cbs, reuters, etc were rightards(all of whom reported on it) but why should the truth matter… You keep that blind faith. 🛐👍

  9. Deep red state Texas produces 45% of all US rape victims. Says alot about Conservatives and their values.

  10. Brown people are black adjacent; When will FJB stop bombing the brown people of Yemen on this the Amerikan Black History Month?

  11. The brown people of Yemen deserve what they’re getting.

  12. Excuse me for interrupting all the above bull crap.
    I just want to set the record straight, I was just joking
    when I said that I will become a dictator, trust me.
    You should all know that I never lie.

  13. Bi-ump, the best president of all! Or maybe Tr-den?

  14. Biden is a potato. But non of you vote in the US anyway so what’s all the fuss? You’re lead by Justine Pierre Sock Trudeau. The greatest political mind and black face actor of all time. Worry about things you can control. Things YOU ARE responsible for. You have this platic man until what.. 2025? God what a mistake.

  15. Obviously not. Canada seems to be a better country than the US since Trump. You stand corrected. Loser.

  16. Just keep telling yourself that. Til 2025.. or beyond.

  17. Oh feck that Karen is back trying to tell us to talk about Canadian politics.

  18. Let’s talk about the US and the GOP selling out America to Putin.

  19. Meanwhile Tucker Carlson is getting new instructions for the MAGA heads in Moscow.

  20. Meanwhile Socks continues to be a gay little ventriloquist dummy for China. How many ethics convictions does he have now? And why is a Canadian website SO obsessed with the US and their politics? China and Trudeau know. So do we. Thanks for the laughs though. Now please continue with your mindless I HATE AMERICA tour. Xi will be proud of ya.

  21. Arguing with you is like pointing at something, you should be looking where were pointing, but instead you just stare aimlessly at the finger. We try to show you how wrong you are but instead you concentrate on and belittle the finger! You don’t want to see reality you want to create your own! Next, you trumpet blowers will be identifying as gender fluid toaster ovens! Reality is too hard for stupid people!

  22. Well.. technically you could identify as a toaster oven and people, like yourself would have to respect it right? There are over 100 genders and hundreds of “two spirt” designation. So yes, we’re all toaster ovens and our pronouns are “Toasty Goodness, Crispy Melting, and Leftover Warmer. If you refuse to accept that your racist, anti trans and literally Hitler. These are YOUR RULES. HAHA. So obey Lil Leftist.

  23. Sound like your rules dude!

  24. Whoa! Your being anti trans! Reeeeeeeeeeeee!

  25. How brainless. Even his trolling sux.

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