I’d Be a Millionaire



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  1. If I had a penny for every stupid word the US president spits out…

    • The Curious Rock June 5, 2017

      Would be enough to buy Jupiter!

    • Liberal tears are infinite source of water. We should bring all liberals to Africa and keep repeating the word “Trump”.

    • Many of us conservatives are shedding tears about Trump too. Anyone with strong ideological beliefs and/or a sense of integrity, honesty and ethics and/or respect for the office of the President and/or understanding of Cold War history should be holding this assclown in chief accountable.

    • McViticus June 5, 2017

      I wish we had a Trump to vote for in the UK! Or another Thatcher!
      But no, what do we have a half ***ed tory who spends more on foreign aid than our own security…
      …or a full blown terrorist sympathising marxist numpty and a team of dangerously udiotic loonies!

    • Kauf Buch June 6, 2017

      At least TRUMP knows and behaves like he’s a MAN, you genderless-jelly-mush!

    • Real men don’t molest women. Weak, insecure men and perverts do that.

  2. Salzigtal June 5, 2017

    @Doc, We Republicans who honor the memory of Abraham Lincoln and Jeannette Rankin or the service of Pete McCloskey are appalled whenever a traitor like Nixon, Libby or Trump is present in The White House. At least POTUS Asteriscus V is honest about his chicken-hawk status and doesn’t need to be outed like Pat “Liquor Officer” Robertson. The only question left unanswered is: Who will issue the 3rd Presidential pardon for Donny’s treason?

    • Well put, sir. Pence seems to be the obvious choice as Vice Pardoner but if it turns out there is solid evidence of Trump committing treason that can be made public and that Pence has knowingly been covering it up this whole time then I guess Paul Ryan is next in line to be the Pardoner? That would be a weird conflict of interest because he would be in charge of initiating the House proceedings that would lead to him becoming the president. Interesting times we live in…

    • Kauf Buch June 6, 2017


  3. True Brit June 6, 2017

    @Mcvitius. I hear you, my friend. Our politicians are a total waste of oxygen. Oh, for the days of the Iron Lady…

  4. In an Asian, still i know Trump sucks more than a vacuum cleaner. His stupidity is evident throughout the world! This is a lesson moms should learn, “Never name your kids after a cartoon character, shits get real.”
    Sayonara baka

    • Kauf Buch June 6, 2017

      Gotten fitted for your burka, yet?

    • Connecting asians to burkha? wow, thats the height of intelligence! hahahahahaha i pity you…
      btw if your pea size Brain was too small to understand, im Japanese and a man, so no was near your accusation.
      People like you light the fires and then stand back to let it grow and after that they comment upon the other side and quarrel and blame.
      People like you are a reason America has more internal disputes than the whole world.
      people like you are the reason America has the most patients if overstress, overtention and terminal addictions.
      people like you are the reason Americans are ready to kill each other, ignoring the fact that the guy other side is also a human.
      Grow up bro, the world is more than politics.
      if Trump is a true leader, he would ask his followers to unite humanity, not break them apart with sharp words and crooked intentions.
      I have nothing to do with the leftist, righting thing and the democrat, republican stuff, all i know if that humans are more than racism, accusations and sharp remarks…
      be better my friend..
      Kami ga anata o shukufuku suru kamo shirenai…(may God bless and guide you)

  5. Desi Londa June 6, 2017

    @McViticus @TrueBrit
    Still a bunch lot better than the horse shit we have in India -_-

  6. Private Obvious June 6, 2017

    No comments about gender? It was in the picture.

  7. I just really want to stick my hand under it and let it get buried by pennies like you do with sand at the beach.

    • The Curious Rock June 10, 2017

      I would too. But there’s gonna be a bad between my hands though! Hahahahaha!

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