16 thoughts on “Why So Many Medieval Manuscripts Depict Butt Trumpets?”

  1. Uhmm, yeah

  2. I wonder, and this is a TOTAL guess, if it’s just a metaphor for farting. In a visual medium. They’re tooting.

  3. This depicts a dark era in the history of mankind, when millions of people developed a collective psychosis. This is known as the era of trumpet derangement syndrome. No cure was ever found, and those afflicted died wretchedly believing in their made-up fantasy world. Poor sob’s.

  4. If you had to copy manuscript day in day out, you’d stir crazy too. If not for pointless doodling, the monks who had to hand copy this stuff would have gone postal.

  5. I’m pretty sure there were butt jokes before the first written word.
    And some of these look shopped.

  6. I fart in your general direction…

  7. FAF. Fake as F#@%K

  8. I can’t wait to play my trumpet. It signals the start of the cleansing of the world.

    “Betwixt these rockie pillars Gabriel sat
    … he blew
    His trumpet, heard in Oreb since perhaps
    When God descended, and perhaps once more
    To sound at general doom.”

  9. These exist for the same reason high school boys draw **** pics in all their text books.

  10. These could be puns, the meaning of which has since been lost.

  11. I’m pretty sure these are all photoshopped.

  12. There was a period when farting was encouraged and stag performances were presented for general amusement and entertainment. Farting horns were used to amplify the sounds. True fact. Look it up.

  13. Apparently skilled flatulence could become a form of high entertainment. A jester known ‘Roland the Farter’ profited from his skill in medieval times. Another professional flatulist known as Le Pétomane regularly preformed at the Moulin Rouge in the late 19th century. The horn is for amplification.

  14. It is a metaphor of lying, double speak,repairing lies. ”Talking through one’s arse”

  15. repeating lies. (damn keyboard)

  16. Be smart don’t shart

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