Trump Tweets Photo of Him “Writing” His Inauguration Speech, The Twitter Responds

15 thoughts on “Trump Tweets Photo of Him “Writing” His Inauguration Speech, The Twitter Responds”

  1. He’s lifting the edge of the pad so no one can see it’s empty. Fake, like everything about Donald Trump.

  2. LOL! Almost everything on TV is fake and all image marketing is a total farce. A snapshot of a man holding a pad with a basic tag line is nothing new.
    What is truly sad is that there are people in the USA whose only reference and understanding of the inauguration speech was that a line or two was similar to a fictional character in a imaginary movie.
    If he wrote the speech or not who cares. It was good.
    He’s the US President. It is his job to promote and defend America.

  3. When I saw the background my first thought was…. ‘He has a desk in the toilet?!’ I am glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the decor was… a little… crappy…

  4. How can he write without looking at the paper? @_@

  5. The meter is pegging.

  6. Well, so far he has done more good for America than Obama did in eight years – not that I can remember anything good Obama did in those eight years other than destroying the Democratic party. Wait and see how President Trump does the first 6 months. There is MAGA in the air.

  7. Yea, so how was your time on saturn? Time to catch up with what happend on earth, dude. Hint: what that orange skinned tv personality told you is wrong.

  8. “Let’s ridicule everything this man is about. Judge him before any act he’s taken. Cast him out before any trial.” instead of “Alright, let’s see if this guy is putting his money where his mouth is”

  9. If he can make fun of disabled people we can make fun of him. I see no problem.

  10. Looks more like he’s dividing it. One half for him, the other for Putin.

  11. How far is Saturn from earth?

  12. @germy That’s curious cause there is only one person in the picture. Possibly you are one of those superheros from the imaginary movies that can see things that don’t exist.
    Does your superhero costume have an integrated mask and shiny pickelhaube? That would be pretty cool looking.

  13. If he puts his money where his mouth is, there will be a lot of unhappy ladies.

  14. If he does that it will be United Naziland of America. Men shall be soldiers, women shall be mothers. A simple world for simple minds.

  15. Okie Doke, Where’s that smooth talker Obama. Which of the 57 states did he retire to after Trump beat Baphomet?
    If if if if if if if if if if if if if if we

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