Funniest Tweets About Trump Winning The Election

25 thoughts on “Funniest Tweets About Trump Winning The Election”

  1. A Kremlin agent as president. That is quite new.

  2. Oh dear… The little snowflakes are upset that they couldn’t elect a criminal to the presedency… tsk tsk

  3. As the voting system in the US is outdated and flawed to the fail it’s at least good to know that Trump wasn’t voted by the US majority. Seems white male *****grabbers got more sexual perverted electoral delegates. So a president Trump will remain what he was. A flaw in the system and human failure. Now with nukes.

  4. Cmon. This is eatlivers moment in the sun. Plenty of traffic and fodder ahead.

  5. Now if Trump will endorse all things Mac/Apple what a world it would be!

  6. Well, as of a couple hours ago, Hillary had “won” the popular vote by about 200,000…or roughly 0.1% of the 200,000,000 registered voters in the US. That’s well within margin of error. So how about instead of pretending it was the system that screwed her (it was “the system” that got her the Democrat nomination to begin with…”the system” screwed Sanders, if anyone), how about you just admit that you lost and that the world is still turning. It’s no different than how the world was going to end if Bush, Jr. was elected again, or when Obama was elected, or the second time.

  7. ain’t that the truth!

  8. Umm, killary has actual business dealings with Russia unlike Trump. Such as the Uranium One deal. Might want to look into it.

  9. Tsjiep

  10. All true. But this time the system fail is fatal.

  11. I *love* bathing in Leftist tears!
    I lubricate my guns with Leftist tears!
    I drink my unfair-trade champagne with Leftist tears!

  12. if he’s half the man he claimed to be during the campaign, he would force Apple, Google, … to transfer their foreign deposits to USA and pay up on their taxes.
    After all, make America great again.
    The reality will likely be that he creates new ways for the corporations and rich folks to sneak out on their taxes.

  13. unfair-trade champagne:
    You obviously only know fake champaign. White trash…

  14. Leftists are rioting in the street. I’m no fan of Trump but I’m glad he won.

  15. So only righties are allowed to riot in the streets?

  16. too bad for losers that the system is not outdated or flawed and is spelled out in the Constitution. as usual losers on the left only care about the Constitution when they are trying to help criminals , illegal aliens and child abusers

  17. never seen a conservative riot in the USA .. only leftist losers, mohammedan headchoppers and black murders riot

  18. True. Conservatives go to schools and empty their clips as a form of protest.

  19. Paper clips? Hair clips? Clipper ships? What kinda clips we talkin bout sparky? You probably mean magazines. Buy a clue.

  20. Sorry, I am not familiar with weapons. But I thought it was called “ammo clip”.

  21. At the moment Trump voters are the aliens. Alienated the whole civilized world.

  22. At least she wasn’t funded by russia directly like Trump was. Moscow confirmed it today.

  23. Hillary was funded by Saudi Arabia. Guess that’s okay though, since we all know that they have Americas best interests at heart.

  24. All the comments about Experience required are laughable. . .
    Need I remind you, Obama had zero experience. .He was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. . Lets not forget too, he used to go by Barry Sotereo.
    And Hillary did what? Oh yeah, Secretary of State. . . to use your phraseology of the past, She lied, people died. . .
    And killing a stable but knowledgeable leader like Gaddafi started a nasty war, and allowed the ISIS problem to grow significantly. . Oh, she never apparently never bothered to consider what happened after she killed Gaddafi. . .
    But there was here Senatorship from New York. . She actually got 3 laws passed in 8 years. . .
    1. Establishes the Kate Mullany National Historic Site in Troy, New York. Authorizes appropriations.
    2. Names post office after Major George Quamo, U.S. Army
    3. Named U.S. Route Highway after late journalist Tim Russert
    That’s it. . All in all, What has she accomplished?
    Someone who has taken a civics or government class want to show me where in the Constitution requires “Experience?” I am amazed at the people who know nothing about a Republic v. true democracy or why the founders made it that way.
    Bush 43 elected again? Idiot . .. Maybe you should read the amendments to the Constitution. .One of them addresses that exact point. .
    And I really loved FG’s stupid remark, “True. Conservatives go to schools and empty their clips as a form of protest.”
    Perhaps you have forgotten that is a felony to carry a firearm onto a school facility. . And so clever, you, as most progressives do not know the FIRST thing about guns. . And you think your side would have solved gun violence?

  25. Took you some time to post. Where were you? Celebrating with your militia friends and drinking moonshine?
    Heard the new government wants to give you a medal for your efforts.

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